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19 January 2017 @ 12:14 am
[Yuri!!! on Ice] fic: If I Could See You - Part 2  
I found it pretty amusing that my very old Hikaru no Go fics started getting some hits after I posted this story. XD

Title: If I Could See You - Part 2
Fandom: Yuri!!! on Ice
Words: 2,125
Summary: When Yuuri impulsively buys a ring as a good luck charm, he never expects to be haunted by the ghost of his late idol, one Viktor Nikiforov. Yuuri isn't a great ice skater, but he knows Viktor is, and the world deserves to see his skating. Ghost Viktor AU.
Notes: Illustration by kiyutsuna at the end! :D Inspired by Ginban Kaleidoscope and Hikaru no Go.

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08 January 2017 @ 07:11 pm
[Yuri!!! on Ice] fic: If I Could See You - Part 1  
Surprise, I wrote a Yuri!!! on Ice story. I was thinking if there were ice skating anime before YoI and remembered Ginban Kaleidoscope, which led me to thinking about Hikaru no Go, and then I wanted to write an AU with that premise. I don't expect I will write much for this fandom. The fandom is too fast paced for me. XD

Title: If I Could See You - Part 1
Fandom: Yuri!!! on Ice
Words: 1,760
Summary: When Yuuri impulsively buys a ring as a good luck charm, he never expects to be haunted by the ghost of his late idol, one Viktor Nikiforov. Yuuri isn't a great ice skater, but he knows Viktor is, and the world deserves to see his skating. Ghost Viktor AU.
Notes: Inspired by Ginban Kaleidoscope and Hikaru no Go. AU. Lots of hand-waving with explanations. Thanks to kiyutsuna for helping me pick the title. Now with illustration by Kiyu!

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06 January 2017 @ 10:50 pm
Movies I watched in 2016. Vague spoilers.

Nick and Judy are both great~ (and such cuties). Really enjoyed their banter and how they worked together. I was surprised by how willing the movie was to touch upon serious topics like prejudice and stereotypes. Thought it handled those topics well.

Captain America: Civil War
Heh, lots of funny Civil War memes came out of this movie. Captain America vs Iron Man does make for quite a scene, though I hadn't thought they would choose the sides they did. Also, so many characters. So many. I kind of miss it when the crew was smaller. But I do look forward to the individual movies of the new characters. Wonder where the Avengers will head after this break up.

The Jungle Book
I haven't watched the original animation. So this was new to me. Liked the wolves. Felt really bad about the fire. I was glad Mowgli made the choice he made at the end. Families of choice are just as important! Turns out the ending is different from the animated movie's, but I didn't know that.

Finding Dory
Dory is such a sweetheart, and Hank is an awesome octopus. I loved Marlin and Nemo working together. It's so great to be able to see them on the screen together after the ordeal they went through in Finding Nemo. I remember crying multiple times during the movie. :') Really happy for Dory!

Doctor Strange
I've been reading Avenger fic for years, and Doctor Strange sometimes shows up in them. Now I finally know who he is. XD Didn't really expect Benedict Cumberbatch to join the MCU. I look forward to Doctor Strange becoming more involved with the rest of the cast. His brand of magic is sure unique, and the Cloak of Levitation is the best. The teaser at the end of the movie made me look forward to Thor: Ragnarok. (and got me back into reading Loki fic, ahaha)

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them
The movie was really more about losing the fantastic beasts, hahaha, and getting caught up in a conspiracy while the creatures ran amok. But it was great seeing the Harry Potter world being expanded and getting to see the adult community use magic when the original series mostly focused on schoolkids. Jacob was such a fun character and probably meant somewhat as a stand-in for the audience observing the world of magic. Got a bit teary-eyed for him at the end. Newt Scamander was a charming protagonist. His biography says that his wife is Tina, so looks like this movie showed their first meeting. :D This probably means we'll be seeing more of both characters in the next movie? I hope so.

I cried many times. :') Movie was touching and beautiful. The songs as well. They were super poignant and really showed Moana's struggles and growth. I didn't feel Maui's song was all that catchy, but now whenever I hear people say "You're welcome," I hear that song...

Rogue One
K-2SO was the best! As for the rest... I came out of the movie feeling, "What." I guess I just don't care for these kinds of endings. They make me wonder what the point was... But eh, I know it was a prequel and had to fit into the rest of the story. *shrugs* It was cool having the universe expanded like this though.
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05 January 2017 @ 09:31 pm
Fall anime 2  
Finished watching a few more Fall 2016 series.

Gi(a)rlish Number
This was a more cynical take on seiyuu and anime than Sore ga Seiyuu and Shirabako, as expected of a series penned by the author of Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Come wa Machigatteiru. But not too cynical. I liked Chitose's growth and just how unrepentant she usually is. I was very curious about her brother, and it seems that the light novel is actually about what happens before the anime? Maybe the light novel tells more about Gojou.

Udon no Kuni no Kiniro Kemari (Poco's Udon World)
This was sweet. Souta and Poco are such a great family together, and Poco helped Souta remember all the good things about Kagawa and all the good times he had with his family. I learned a bit about the Kagawa prefecture, which I didn't know much about before this. :3 There actually wasn't much udon in the show, but I suppose that's what the prefecture is known for. I wonder if these series about single men in their 20s/30s finding a kid and raising the kid is becoming a trend. The anime gives the series a solid ending, though the manga is still ongoing. I'm curious how the manga goes.

Watashi ga Motete Dousunda (Kiss Him, Not Me)
I'd been following the manga, and it's hilarious. Kae is a true fujoshi. :') The part were they go to Comiket is so true to life. The anime was pretty funny too, though I don't like the voice used for Kae when she's fat. I don't feel her voice should have changed much. I didn't really root for any of the boys while reading the manga, but Mutsumi-senpai is a total standout in the anime. (He has the best responses too) The anime also deliberately rearranged some of the stories to put Mutsumi's last as an ending to the anime. Interesting place chosen for an ending! (I suppose the scene that follows his story is a good ending place for all of them) Interestingly enough, some of the other characters' stories got cut or simplified, such as Igarashi and Nanashima's past together in the soccer club (probably because it had little to do with the romance with Kae), all the other characters' jobs at the amusement park, and Shinomiya's stalker. But well, after the anime, I am totally rooting for Mutsumi-senpai. (Haha, I found it funny that Kae even listed Miyuki as one of her anime loves. She must be referring to Diamond no Ace.)

Still have Sangatsu no Lion and Fune wo Amu on my to watch list from Fall 2016. As for the upcoming winter season, I'm only interested in Yowamushi Pedal New Generation so far.
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01 January 2017 @ 06:57 pm
2016 in fic  
I came out with around the same amount of words as 2015. :3;; Still aiming for that ever elusive 150,000 words!

(Previous years: 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006)

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31 December 2016 @ 08:32 pm
[Akatsuki no Yona] fic: Blood Red Dawn (oneshot)  
Reveals happened. Here was the fic I wrote!

Title: Blood Red Dawn
Fandom: Akatsuki no Yona
Words: 3,536
Summary: When Yona relives that fateful day again and again, she chooses to flee the castle without Hak. Time travel / time loop.
Notes: written for Nerdanel for yuletide 2016. Posted as three chapters over at AO3 if that makes for easier reading.

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26 December 2016 @ 11:29 pm
I received a gift and a treat! Both are lovely and have such beautiful prose and characterization.

A Breeze, Through Bars (1037 words) by Anonymous
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Aldnoah.Zero (Anime & Manga)
Rating: Not Rated
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Kaizuka Inaho, Slaine Troyard
Additional Tags: Post-Canon, Depression

Slaine may believe he deserves to die, but six months ago Inaho promised Asseylum they would save Slaine from himself.

self confidence and trust (514 words) by Anonymous
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: orange - 高野苺 | Takano Ichigo
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Suwa Hiroto
Additional Tags: Epistolary

Naho is the orange warmth of the sun.
Kakeru is the cool, dappled shade.
Hiroto wants to be the branches that connect them, but isn't sure he has the strength.

I also thoroughly enjoyed this Akatsuki no Yona fic. It definitely gave a canon feel, with such a good mix of heartrending and lighthearted moments. I wish I could write such a well developed story like this!

Not All Chains are Forged of Iron (let me go ~ don't let me go) (31231 words) by Anonymous
Chapters: 4/4
Fandom: Akatsuki no Yona | Yona of the Dawn
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Characters: Yona (Akatsuki no Yona), Jae-Ha (Akatsuki no Yona), Zeno (Akatsuki no Yona), Ensemble, and some special appearances I'd rather not spoil
Additional Tags: Ghosts, Past Child Abuse, Canonical Character Death, Possession, Hand injury, Spoilers (through manga chapter 108), going for canon feel, no ships are sunk, supports Yona/Soo-won, supports Yona/Hak, Healing is Messy, Healing is Awesome, Green Dragon Village, Original Dragons memories

A search for an ancient relic leads Yona and her friends to Green Dragon Village. Jae-ha refuses to go with them — it’s enough for him to have broken his chains and moved on — but ghosts from the past have other ideas, and they will force Yona to confront the chains binding her own heart.

I have one fic in the collection that I'll be posting here after author reveals on January 1st. o/
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26 December 2016 @ 02:15 am
Fall anime  
Fall anime I recently finished watching (or am almost done watching). Haha, 5 out of 7 of these series have exclamation points in the title.

Natsume Yuujinchou Go
I love that more Natsume is getting adapted, despite the gap between season 4 and this new season. It makes me hopeful that there will keep being more Natsume anime. Also, it's just really touching seeing how far Natsume has come since season 1. My favorite episode was the one with Touko. The Fujiwaras are just great~. Getting to see Natori's past was also a pleasant surprise. Sometimes though, the episodes with the ayakashi and fleeting human lives were a bit heavy for me, so I didn't watch the episodes right away.

Haikyuu!! Karasuno VS Shiratorizawa
Even though the entire season was focused on a single match, it was beautifully done and kept me on the edge of my seat. Also, Tsukki. ;asdkf;adf This season was so good for Tsukishima fans like me! He really got to shine. :D I'm not following the manga weekly, but I did end up reading ahead of the anime in the middle of this season. And then I went off looking for Tsukishima fic.

Yuri!!! on Ice
The first episode was beautifully animated. The skating in the rest of the series couldn't compare to the first episode, but each episode sure was packed with emotion, and I almost can't believe how many different skating routines we got to see. All the research that must've gone into creating this series! Although there were tons of characters, I found them all pretty memorable and likable. Even JJ grew on me, haha. My favorite was Yurio though~. Gotta love how he can skate so well while pissed off. XD I especially loved the flashback in the last episode, finally showing his POV of what happened in episode 1. So much happened in just 12 episodes. Also, I absolutely love Victor with long hair. XD

Uta no Prince-sama Maji Love Legend Star
I liked this season more than season 3, and I liked that we got more of the dancing in 2D, with the 3D looking a bit more natural than the previous season's. I didn't like Ren much before, but I gotta say, I loved his outfit this time. A suit plus a ponytail! The duet project was fun, though even after it, I don't feel I know the Heaven's members very well. But it did give more development to STARISH. And dang, Otoya's episodes were dark. Haruka has pretty much faded into the background, with only a cursory thought given to her in the 1st and last episodes. As for the final songs in the concert, I did actually like STARISH's the best. I liked Heaven's previous song better than their new one.

Magic-Kyun! Renaissance
Even after watching the entire series, I still don't get it. What exactly is a magical art, and what use does it have??? Is it just for showing how good you are at your art? More sparkles = you're really good at your chosen field? It doesn't seem worth it for Kohana to risk her life over it. The pacing of the series was weird. I thought the festival thing would be the final goal, but nah. And the staircase. All that buildup about the staircase, but they don't even really go on it. Weird little series. :'D Aoi was cool though. Voiced by KENN even~. Also, Minagawa Junko voiced Kohana's very handsome roommate Juri. XD

This was so fast paced, with couples everywhere, but the pacing was actually pretty refreshing because things were definitely not dragged out. I really liked Adachi's character design. XD (It's the ponytail, hahaha) Higashida was a funny protagonist with how deadpan he was. The skits with Saiki (who doesn't know much Japanese) were great fun. Hosoya did such a great job with Saiki, and his English wasn't bad. :D Nagata was cute, and good for her for scolding both Higashida and Miyakoshi. XD

Hibike! Euphonium
I have one episode left of this, though episode 12 already covered the final performance. The animation is beautiful~. This season seems to be more about other people than Kumiko, yet she's in the middle of everything. What a meddler. XD;;; Or, what convenient timing she always has, to be in the middle of everything so we get to see what's happening. XD I didn't care much for Asuka in s1, but this season changed that, and I loved how Mamiko's story connected with hers. Also, Kumiko was such a cute kid, so excited about music, wanting to be just like her sister. Looking forward to the last episode.

Detective Conan: Episode One - Chiisaku Natta Meitantei
Conan special~. I definitely didn't feel we needed a remake of episode 1, but it was still kind of nice to see episode 1 with updated animation, and to have it fleshed out more. It's cool seeing more of Shinichi before he shrank, though he actually felt younger to me. XD I guess he kind of is, since he hasn't had to become more mature because of danger. It was cute seeing Shinichi and Ran interact so naturally without any worries. Also, it was really funny seeing Shinichi in those clothes again. No matter how many times we're shown the amusement park date, it's always that green jacket. By now, it must be a traumatizing outfit for him. I also still can't get over how bloody the roller coaster case is.

I watched 2 episodes of Trickster. Don't know if I'll continue. I still might give Udon no Kuni no Kiniro Kemari, Sangatsu no Lion, Watashi ga Motete Dousunda, Girlish Number, and Fune wo Amu a watch.
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24 December 2016 @ 03:51 pm
Merry Christmas~  

I've rewatched the Christmas special for Miraculous Ladybug too many times, heh, both in French and in English. (It's also pretty interesting to compare what gets changed in the translation) I giggled during this scene. It was a cute special, and the singing was super fun and over the top. I definitely wouldn't say no to more musical specials. Adrien's loneliness was really brought to the forefront here. Adrien!! ;__; While the special didn't tell much about his mom, it did reveal that she's only been missing for a year. I thought it would've been longer than that! I wish Tikki had gotten to sing too. Plagg got a cute little song, after all, that dramatic cat.

Soon, yuletide fics are going to go live~. I have a gift and a treat! I shook my presents (I can never resist), so I think I have a pretty good clue what the fandoms will be. XD

Yu Wo is holding a Q&A for her characters on Facebook. Pretty amusing questions and answers. This one is my favorite:

Q: I'd like to ask Grisia—when you're missing out on desserts and have too much work to take care of, if you can only choose one person, Judgment or Ice, who would you choose?

Grisia: Adair.

Even when he's not one of the choices! XD
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23 December 2016 @ 04:55 pm
Ace Attorney: Spirit of Justice  
Random thoughts. o/

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