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Lucathia buys more stuff

The never-ending saga.

So, I saw that Conan is getting a super cute nendoroid (love the speech bubbles) and then I ended up pre-ordering that and looking up other Conan stuff. There's actually a Kaitou Kid figma! I feel like ever since the 20th anniversary of the Detective Conan anime, there's been a lot more merchandise. XD Well, I'm pretty happy about that~. No complaints here. I also ended up buying some other stuff too. The Prince of Tennis clips were too cute.

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Lucathia buys manga

Latest manga I bought!

Dear Boys Overtime V2: I have V1 and V3 already, so this should complete my collection of Dear Boys. Never did I think the story would end up so long. XD I might be missing a volume from Season 3 though (not sure). I started collecting Dear Boys around 2003 when the anime (that was pretty badly animated, hahaha) aired. At first, I checked out the Dear Boys manga from the library (the library had all of Season 1), while I bought Season 2 as it was released. But then I went back and bought the bunkobon version of Season 1, because a collection that's missing an entire season isn't a collection! Even though I now have the entire series, I actually haven't read Season 3 yet. Season 2 was the one that had an arc that focused on Ayumi Fuse, my favorite character. I don't know if he shows up much in Season 3. XD I should finish reading the series sometime.

Oresama Teacher V24: I'm quite behind on reading this series too! Still hoping it'll get an anime~. Though, where I stopped reading, it was getting confusing with all of the new characters. I'll have to play catch up with this series too. I mean, a review on one of the fics I wrote in this fandom kind of told me that something happened in canon regarding a certain character's background. XD (I'm thankful they didn't spoil what it actually was~)

Buddy Go V8: The latest crossdressing manga I've been reading. XD It has all the usual cliches, haha. Girl crossdresses as a guy and forms a dancing unit with the guy she idolizes as a dancer.

Hattori Heiji x Tooyama Kazuha Fanbook: Whoa, a fanbook all about Heiji and Kazuha! I saw Kazuha first and was thinking that she looked a lot like Kazuha, and what do you know, it really is Kazuha. A fanbook all about her and her relationship with Heiji. Wow. (Conan is just there on the cover so we all know this is still Detective Conan, lol) I guess they're really being marketed now because of the 21st movie, The Crimson Love Letter, that focuses on them. The fanbook includes tidbits about them throughout the series, each chapter/episode they appear in, their character designs, their outfits, scenes from the movie drawn by Aoyama Gosho, and interviews. I like the interviews the best~. I read through two interviews so far, the one from Aoyama Gosho and the one from Heiji's and Kazuha's seiyuus. There's also an interview from Takayama Minami, several other seiyuus, and the director of the movie. Lots more to read. :3

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Anime Expo 2017 Merchandise

Stuff I bought from Anime Expo!

Day 1, I spent a good chunk of my time lining up for Yamamato Sayo and Kubo Mitsurou's autograph, while Days 2-3 were spent on trying to attend panels (and often failing). Day 4 was my shopping day! I wrote up some notes on the panels that I did get to attend, so I'll at least be posting about those.

Got myself another Arslan Senki poster. o/ My favorite one is the one shown on the box though. Haven't come across that one yet. Arslan looks gentler there~.

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Fire Emblem Heroes

Hm, I've been trying to post That Day Back Then on, but the story is not going through. I dearly hope the story won't end up showing up on the site five times. :'D But if it does, er, now you know why.

So, back in February, I felt that I wouldn't be playing Fire Emblem Heroes long if there wasn't new content. But there was, so here I still am. XD Also, the LSK cell phone game sadly stopped working pretty soon after I reached Rank 1 back in February... so I played more FEH instead. (I think they just stopped maintaining that game...)

I autobattled my way from 40,000 points to 100,240 points. :'D I was going to stop at 50,000... but then I pulled an Alm, and he worked pretty well with an autobattle team, haha... (This team actually managed to finish Hard 5 once all by themselves through autobattle without all dying~. Go team~). Alm also came at a great time to test out the Phantom Speed seal to go along with his Windsweep skill. It does actually work pretty well with poking at Hectors. Before Alm, 4 ★ Mae was my bonus unit, but she was too squishy for autobattling. If the next Tempest Trials is any time soon though, I'm not sure I'll try for 99,999 again. XD;

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[Legend of Sun Knight] fic: New Horizons -That Day Back Then- (oneshot)

Title: New Horizons -That Day Back Then-
Fandom: The Legend of Sun Knight
Words: 4,088
Summary: That day back then, Grisia goes to search for his big sister. At a pivotal moment, Grisia makes up his mind. All it took was a nervous habit. Everything changes. Alternative take on a canon event. AU
Notes: For the [community profile] whole_new_world Alternate Reality/Changing Canon prompt "Altered Past." Prompt table over here. I've always wanted to explore this scene, so here's an AU take on it.

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Fanime 2017

An addendum to my previous Fanime post. XD Fanime for me was mostly buying stuff, going to gatherings to take photos of cosplayers, and going to the two main events, Music Fest & Masquerade.

Photo heavy post!

Re:ZERO gatheringCollapse )

Miraculous Ladybug gatheringCollapse )

Fire Emblem gatheringCollapse )

Shounen Jump gatheringCollapse )

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[Legend of Sun Knight] fic: A Vice-Captain's Tale - Suggestion #12

Title: A Vice-Captain's Tale - Suggestion #12
Fandom: The Legend of Sun Knight
Words: 2,332
Summary: The vice-captains of the Twelve Holy Knights never thought that their jobs would differ so vastly from their expectations. Tyler has really been missing out.
Notes: Watch me continue to write at the speed of a snail, but hey, we have finally arrived at the final chapter of this story! (Sort of. There's still a "short" epilogue and extra after this.) Thanks for sticking around~. As a reminder, I am no longer doing previous/next chapter links. Please use the tags to navigate to different parts of the story!

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Spring 2017 Anime

So, I went to Anime Expo and am back already, with a Yosemite trip thrown in right after~. Now I feel like my summer is truly starting. XD But, it looks like pictures from Photobucket got broken while I was away. They've changed their service to make linking on third-party sites prohibited unless you upgrade. I thought, maybe I will upgrade my account if it doesn't cost too much.

...Turns out, it costs $300 per year to make third-party linking available. OTL

So yeah. I've uploaded my photos somewhere else, but only the 2016-2017 photos when I started using photobucket again. For a good period before that, I was using Picasa, and then before before that, it was photobucket, but I don't think I'll be reuploading all those photos. I hope Dreamwidth's own image service will be upgraded in the future for better utility and storage. It'd sure make things easier!

Some Spring 2017 anime I finished watching:

Shingeki no Kyojin season 2, Natsume Yuujinchou Roku, Yowamushi Pedal New Generation, Kenka Banchou Otome Girl Beats Boys, Starmyu 2nd season, Kado The Right AnswerCollapse )

Man, I have a backlog of conventions to post about. I've fallen out of the habit of timely blogging, pfft. Anyway, hoping I'll get around to posting about these cons. I'm very much hoping it'll happen.

♥ Anime Expo 2016 (a retrospective by now XDD)
♥ Anime Revolution 2016 (also a retrospective by now haha)
Fanime 2017 (the events and some more cosplay pics)
♥ Anime Expo 2017

I might attend a day or two of Crunchyroll Expo next month. Hope they announce more guests~~. Also, Dominion's End v5 was released! I've ordered my copy, but I won't get it until August.

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[Legend of Sun Knight] fic: Grace -Mirror, Mirror-

Title: Grace -Mirror, Mirror-
Fandom: The Legend of Sun Knight
Words: 681
Summary: That man in the mirror, no matter our passing similarities, isn't me.
Notes: A companion piece to Grace, a story which I probably won't ever finish at this rate. Written as a response to [community profile] getyourwordsout's Mirror Mirror challenge, where I had to start with "I've heard of crossed telephone lines and party lines, but I've never heard of…" and use the location Athens, Greece. Here we get Grace's POV for the first time.

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Fanime, merchandise and cosplay

More on Fanime, starting with the rest of the stuff I bought~. Quite a shopping trip this year. XD

Arslan Senki poster was from Friday's swap meet~

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I find it very cool that Fanime has official photographers. :D They've also already uploaded photos! Here are some that I was in.

Re:Zero gathering on Friday
All I can say is that the photographers pretty much asked the cosplayers to do the dab at every gathering I went to. I was the Emilia on the right.

Shounen Jump Sunday Gathering
I was Kayano on Sunday, and I was very much hoping there would be a Koro-sensei around. There was! *____*

Shounen Jump girls beating Mineta from My Hero Academia. A specific request. XD;;

The albums have a ton of pictures from all the gatherings, if anyone's interested in what cosplays there were at Fanime this year. o/

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I might do another post with cosplay pics of other people and some thoughts on events I went to. If I get around to it.

BTW, I went to see Guardians of the Galaxy v2 yesterday, and let me tell you, I cried buckets. ;__; (I'm quite pleased to see many Yondu fics crop up in the fandom though. All my feels.)

I've changed my layout on livejournal because I can no longer make changes to what the comment links look like with my account level, so I ended up with a lot of broken images with that layout. This one is clean enough, I suppose, though it also means that commenting will bring you to livejournal's default pages. Boo. Oh well, it's functional, if not pretty.

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