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This is the ultimate sticky post! Feel free to regard this as an off-topic post for you to drop by and tell me random stuff at any point in time. Want to squeal with me over something? Want to lob some plotbunnies at me? Need to contact me? Want to tell me more about yourself? Here's your post! You can also use <lj-spoiler> </lj-spoiler> if you happen to want to discuss spoiler'ish stuff with me.

I've noticed that there a number of people on my friends of list that I don't know. I friend back as long as we've interacted before, and you tell me you're friending me. I figured that I probably didn't have an easy way for people to do that before. Feel free to use this post to introduce yourself if you want! I really don't bite. :3;;

This post will stay at the top of my journal. Scroll down for actual updates!

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[Legend of Sun Knight] fic: New Horizons -That Which Was Lost- (oneshot)

Yay, it's finally done~. I've been working on this for months. It just wouldn't end... :'D

Title: New Horizons -That Which Was Lost-
Fandom: The Legend of Sun Knight
Words: 5,711
Summary: After Grisia was lost with only the Divine Sun Sword left behind, he was never found. Until Lesus comes across an "amnesic" Grisia while evacuating the citizens. AU
Notes: For the [community profile] whole_new_world Alternate Reality/Changing Canon prompt "Never Found." Prompt table over here. This piece is somewhat experimental, though only on the surface, as its final form is simply another fic in which Lesus and Grisia sit around talking. So yeah. They talk. A lot. I also smush together some displaced events that kind of still happen but in a different way. Lesus/Grisia. Or very strong hints~, with a good dose of angst.

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Ahhhhh, on this momentous day, I have finally +10'd Soren. Ahhhhhh. It's been a project since April 26, 2017 when Soren was released in Fire Emblem Heroes. So it took 9 months (and 1 day). I managed to get one Soren from his first banner after I don't know how many orbs. Pretty much all I had saved up back then (I've never managed to reach that number of orbs again). But he did come home. Afterwards, I summoned on the Tempest Trial Moment of Fate banner when it came around. Don't remember how many Sorens I got from that. 2, I think? Or maybe 3. At least one was a four star, but that mattered little. All my feathers for Soren! I figured there was going to be a Path of Radiance Tempest Trial, so I saved orbs for that. But when Soren randomly showed up for the Short Haired Girls vs Long Haired Guys Voting Gauntlet, I was totally unprepared for that banner, haha! (But I was so excited for him to be included in a Gauntlet) I was unfortunately unable to dedicate my orbs to that banner, as I was still trying to get Trick Or Treat Henry from the Halloween banner (Somehow I managed to get Trick or Treat Nowi (on the free smmon), Trick or Treat Sakura, Trick or Treat Jakob, another Trick or Treat Nowi, and the last three were all from summoning when no green stone showed up ahhhhh and still no Henry! I wasn't even trying to summon Sakura or Jakob. And here I thought colorless was supposed to be hell).

Anyway, I've been trying to summon Myrrh from this latest banner, a Sacred Stones ones, since she has Hone Dragons. Well, after several pulls with only one green stone each time, no Myrrh in sight, but I got my final two Sorens! So here he is now, all maxed out. :D (Though I do need to max out his hero merit again). He's +atk -def, with summoner support. My first Soren was +atk, -spd. I kind of miss him a little. I got several +spd, -def Sorens along the way too, but I ultimately decided to stick with +atk, partially because Ike is also +atk. And that sweet 61 atk is just amazing. (Pft, who cares about doubles! He used to be -spd and did just fine!) I hope Soren gets some kind of unique weapon in the future! He won't mind graduating from a blade tome with that attack. I'm also considering giving him a wolf or owl tome or something, just so I can refine it and make Soren ~shine~.

Thank you Soren, for being 4*-5* rarity. It made +10'ing you possible even as an F2P player. :D

Now, I suppose I have feathers for any other random units. For arena purposes, my next focus will probably be Nowi. From my main team, Nowi is at +6. Four more to go! She ended up on my main team given that she was the first blue 5 star unit I got, and she decided to show up twice even, both off focus. (Before that, I was using a 4* F!Corrin). I pulled specifically for more of her for the first time on the Gift of Peace Tempest Trial banner and got 2 more merges. For a moment, I thought I'd end up +10'ing her first before Soren, considering she's a lot more likely to show up on more banners. As for the others, Olivia is already 4*+10, though I wonder if I should work on a 5*+ Olivia. I do have another 9 copies of her, pfft, and her 4 star self can't get any more points in arena as she is. It'll just take a ton of feathers that I don't have. Last is Ike, who's at +1. I don't think it's possible to +10 him without spending money since he's locked at 5*. :') Sorry Soren... I did manage to get him to +1! Ike is mostly just there to reposition Soren and be Soren's buffbot. :'D I mean, he's not the best buff bot but Soren wouldn't want anyone else.

For my other teams, I started working on Fae (she's at +1 now, with 7 more available for merging. I'm going to pause for now though, and wait to see what the anniversary will bring to the game play. Besides, I'm really hoping for a boy dragon down the line. Where's my Kurthnaga and Nils? XD). I'd like to 5 star Lyon (because Lyon! and he even shares an artist with Soren), and I might 5 star Ursula eventually considering she's an important teammate on my first cavalry team. I randomly 5 starred Lucius after the healer upgrade when I couldn't pull someone else, because Lucius!! He was one of my first mages in my very first Fire Emblem game. How can I not build him? He isn't used on any team though, but he's pretty fun to use with Pain+ and double Savage Blow. Maybe I'll build Raven after his weapon upgrade, and they can be on a team together. :3 Yeah, still lots of units to build.

I have like, no orbs for the anniversary, pffft.

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[Legend of Sun Knight] fic: A Slice of Wedding Cake - Slice 15

(It lives! It lives~. Potato's pokes are so strong)

Title: A Slice of Wedding Cake - Slice 15
Fandom: The Legend of Sun Knight
Words: 2,078
Summary: Sun and Judgment are getting married. The "why" and "how" really aren't that important right now. For this is not a story about their romance; this is the story of us observers. Yes, we, the underappreciated observers of this whole spectacle who did 99% of the work, and only received a slice of wedding cake in return. Grisia/Lesus, Ceo/Roland
Notes: Co-written with kiyutsuna. Odd chapters are hers. Even chapters are mine! All illustrations are done by kiyutsuna.

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[Kimi to Boku] fic: His Brother and His Friend

Happy New Year! Here was the fic I wrote for Yuletide. KtB~~. Haha, back in 2010, I said, "If I ever write another fic for KtB, I will so write about the twins since they're my favorite too." I wrote this story before I reread my own post back from 2010 and went, oh, hey, look, Lucathia, you really did end up writing about the twins! It's really thanks to Jan, whose prompt gave a lot of leeway and mentioned the twins and their dynamics with others. I was super amused when I got assigned Jan, as my previous and only KtB fic was also written for Jan way back in 2009 for Yuletide.

Title: His Brother and His Friend
Fandom: Kimi to Boku
Words: 4,197
Summary: Truthfully, Yuuki was never the closest with Shun. Truthfully, Yuuta wasn't quite sure of how to act around Chizuru. He was more his brother's friend than his.
Notes: Written for Jan for [community profile] yuletide 2017. An introspective piece that somehow turned 4k long, with a random Gudetama cameo. :')

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Merry Christmas!

[community profile] yuletide fics have been revealed! I received a lovely Magic Kaito story.

La Cage Éclipse (3547 words) by Anonymous

Kaito receives two tickets for the movie The Scarlet Investigator in the mail.

As for the story I wrote, I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out (though there are barely any hits, ahaha). Will be posting the story here on January 1st after author reveals.

On Christmas, Yu Wo posted a snippet from 39 v2 detailing Lesus's choice of the next Judgment Knight. It's a pretty cute story. :D (But what gets to me the most is Lesus going undercover to the selections by having his hair colored blond. He even ties it up!! *flails*)

Do I enjoy imagining Lesus with blond hair? Why yes, I do. Very much. He even tied it up.

With 2018 around the corner, it's official that my word count is pretty sad this year, but I'll be giving my yearly writing goal another run, like always, with a pledge of 150,000 words. One day, one day!

notebook and pen on wooden desktop with GYWO 2018printed in large white letters with a black shadow. under that, writing decathlon in handwritten white letters with a black shadow.

GetYourWordsOut: Year Ten!
Pledges & Requirements |

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Just a random update

Wow, has it been forever or what? *dusts off this place* I hope I'll be able to update with a fic sometime, but nothing is really getting finished lately.

I've been working on a AU oneshot featuring amnesic!Grisia from V4 who was never found, so V5+ happen very differently. It's only about 1k so far, but it wants to be much, much longer. :'D We'll see if it ever gets finished, or if it'll go the way of some of my other oneshots that are still sitting around in my folders... Maybe I'll finish 38th Knight Street...

There's also my Yuletide fic I have to finish. Deadline is Dec 18th, ahhhhhhh. (Lucathia, this is not the time to consume a different canon from your recipient's requests. Stop that!)

Fic status aside, I've been in mobile gaming hell. XD; Or heaven. I'm still playing Fire Emblem Heroes a lot, and I started playing Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp when it was released near the end of November. But then, Tenipuri Rising Beat also came out, so Animal Crossing has taken a backseat to that. Rising Beat, man. It makes me remember why I love Tenipuri so much. <3 I am terrible at rhythm games, but I'm determined to get better at this one. I love Tenipuri character songs (and to this day, I'm amazed at the sheer number of songs for Tenipuri). I never thought there'd be a rhythm game for Tenipuri. It's such a perfect fit, though it amuses me to no end that Tenipuri's latest game is a rhythm game of all things. (I'm still hoping for a new successor to the PS2 game Form the Strongest Team. That was such a fun game. A PS4 game, please!!)

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Dear Yuletide Writer

Letter for [community profile] yuletide.

Dear Yuletide Writer,

Thanks for writing for me! Below is more information about my general likes and what I like about each fandom. However, please don't let this letter confine you if your muse comes up with something else. I look forward to your spin on the characters and the fandom. :3

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[Legend of Sun Knight] fic: A Vice-Captain's Tale - Extra

Title: A Vice-Captain's Tale - Extra
Fandom: The Legend of Sun Knight
Words: 1,585
Summary: The vice-captains of the Twelve Holy Knights never thought that their jobs would differ so vastly from their expectations. Tyler has really been missing out.
Notes: And that's a wrap! Finally, another fic completed. :') (It only took me how long? Haha... ha...) There are also character introductions that go along with this story. You can find the character introductions over here. I accidentally posted it waaaay back when I meant to post it after the extra.

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