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2008 in fic

Year in fic once again. Last year's is over here.


This Universe We Cannot Control (The Golden Compass, drabble ~483 words) - for 31_days. My fic resolution for the year was to write a little something everyday...but I only kept it for three days.

Conjoined by Mystery and Fate (Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance, drabble, ~472 words) - for 31_days. A short ficlet about when Ike and Soren first meet. I haven't cross-posted this one in my journal, because I always thought I'd expand on this. It's been a year...I guess unless I finish Radiant Dawn soon, this will be left like this.

Sins of a Different Generation (Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance, drabble, 100 words) - for 31_days. Pointless drabble that I didn't bother cross-posting here. I should add these two Fire Emblem fics to my fic masterlist.

Memories of the Future chapter 11 (Mekakushi no Kuni, multi-chap, ~2672 words) - for 30_kisses. This is shaping to be a fic I will never finish. My year in fic last year had this under January too.


Memories of the Future chapter 12 (Mekakushi no Kuni, multi-chap, ~1929 words)


Twin Stars chapter 10: seeing your photos isn't enough (Shaman King, multi-chap, ~1516 words) - I have a lot planned for this AU...I can't believe I didn't write anything for it in 2007. I really need to finish this fic. It's an idol AU. So many series (like Skip Beat, Charisma Doll, etc) remind me of this fic.

Memories of the Future chapter 13 (Mekakushi no Kuni, multi-chap, ~2010 words) - Getting some progress here!


Birth of a Shaman King (Shaman King, oneshot, ~1312 words) - a missing scene from my long fic Hoshi ga Hoshii desu. My attempt to get back into that fic universe. Didn't quite succeed.

Twin Stars chapter 11: food shows no boundaries (Shaman King, multi-chap, ~1700 words)


Twin Stars chapter 12: lost before the concert (Shaman King, multi-chap, ~1700 words)


Nothing! I never seem to write anything during summer.


Twin Stars chapter 13: the concert (Shaman King, multi-chap, ~1600 words) - This is THE SCENE I wanted to write since starting the fic. The scene that spawned the fic. Guess that's why I sort of lost steam after this chapter.


Those Left Behind (Bokurano, 15 oneshots so far, ~9000 words) - for 31_days. I finally tried to carry out my goal of writing a little bit everyday. The goal for August was to write for all 31 themes...but I died off after reaching my semi-goal (the theme "As I break this chair" for the 15th) and classes started again. Olympics were also very distracting.


Entirely died off from LJ. There's only one post in September, and it's not fic.


♠ Mysterious Phoenix Wright (Apollo Justice) fic for the PW Kink meme. Over 2000 words written so far. Unfinished though!!

♠ Another mysterious and anonymous Phoenix Wright kink meme fic. Both fics are very PG and almost gen. Around 2000 words written of this one too. Unfinished as well. I need to finish these darn fics. I can never seem to finish fics.


Memories of the Future ch. 14 (Mekakushi no Kuni, multi-chap, ~1853 words) - I was once again in danger of getting dropped from 30_kisses. I went back to polish chapter 14 that I never posted here. Added on quite a bit. I also suggested a MnK section at ffnet. They were very fast with adding the new category.

Memories of the Future ch.15 (Mekakushi no Kuni, multi-chap, ~1257 words) - My actual update...not very well written. Style's kind of different too.


Faux Fairytale (Skip Beat, oneshot, ~2860 words) - for Yuletide 2008. One of my harder fics, since I'm not all that familiar with Skip Beat. I directly took words from my other fic in this.

Tension (Bakuman, oneshot, 1366 words) - for Yuletide 2008 as a treat. The prompt looked fun~. But I didn't quite pull it off right. There was also another Bakuman prompt that I thought was interesting (Shujin and Saiko 10 years later) but this one was easier to write under the limited time.

♠ Mysterious The World Ends With You fic for the TWEWY exchange. Reveals aren't up yet, so I'll have to edit this in later.

Hm, I chipped away at my ongoing fics but still updated them less than I'd have liked. 9 updates for ongoing fics. Most everything I wrote was for some community or fic challenge. I wanted to write a little everyday, but I only kept that up for three days at the beginning of January. I tried again in August...only lasted 15 days.

Fic goals for 2009:
-finish Memories of the Future
-finish Twin Stars (these two have been on my list to finish every single year)
-finish those two mysterious PW fics (these shouldn't be much more longer)
-continue Bokurano oneshots until I finally finish the 2008's August themes
-possibly continue the FE fic about Soren
-participate in fe_drabble and 31_days's mostly all about finishing the fics I started. I have other fics I want to start, but my ongoing fics have been dragged on long enough already.

Total word count for 2008: ~36800 words

Not bad compared to last year!
Tags: fic, memes
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