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2009 in fic

So, my account reverted to basic for roughly half a day, and already I couldn't stand being unable to expand or edit comments. I do most of my commenting with this journal. I then realized that all the pictures in scrapbook were no longer accessible...which just wouldn't do since I know some people link to the galleries (myself included). Which meant, paid account, nice to meet you again! I'm glad to be without ads again too.

I always want to write more, but I never do. Here are my year in fics for 2006, 2007 and 2008, and inside the LJ-cut below is 2009's. I have a lot of blank months.


Forgotten (The World Ends With You, ~918 words) - for mirrankei in the TWEWY Secret Santa exchange. This really should go under December in 2008, but I never did link this in last year's fic overview. ^^;; This is the beginning of a Neku/Joshua fic set far in the future when Neku enters the game one last time. I planned to write seven days for this fic, but I've only written Day 1 so far.

The Little Mirror (The World Ends With You, ~1467 words) - for kojikatsuya for the TWEWY Secret Santa exchange. This is a short Neku/Shiki oneshot that is really more of a Shiki character study. I'm glad it turned out cute rather than creepy. XD;


This is the month where I was crazy and decided to do 31_days_exchnge. That meant writing 31 fics for a theme set by someone else. I liked pushing myself for this though! They were mostly drabbles...written in less than 10 minutes.

Inklings of Truth (Bakuman, ~1152 words). A look at Mashiro and Takagi's life 10 years in the future from Mashiro's side. Canon already says this won't happen. XD; Oh Bakuman, so many twists each chapter...

Shadows of Truth (Bakuman, ~1400 words). Companion piece to the above from Takagi's side with a cameo from Iwase. This was before Aoki even made her appearance in canon, or else I'd have included her too. If I wrote a 10 years fic now, this is definitely not what would result!

Straightforward (Honey and Clover, Ayumi + Rika, ~650 words) - This is meant to be the beginning of a Ayumi/Morita fic for cynicalism, but I only got around to writing the intro...which was just Ayumi admiring Mayama's new apartment. OTL.

Ages Upon Unnumbered Ages (Inuyasha, Inuyasha/Kagome, ~296 words) - I exorcised a viscous plunny by writing this. What if Inuyasha survived to the modern age and went to look for Kagome again, who hadn't traveled back in time yet? Inuyasha can't interact with Kagome in any way that would clue her in to his identity. I don't really dabble in Inuyasha or know anything about what fandom has done with Inuyasha, so this short drabble is probably the farthest I'll get with it.

Woman, You Are Free (Detective Conan, Ayumi + Ai, ~163 words) - This one is fairly uncreative. I think most of fandom thinks this is how things will pan out.

Walking in a Dream (Shugo Chara, Nagihiko, ~189 words) - Nagihiko feels like main character material for me! Wish I could write a fic that puts the spotlight on him.

A Matter of Time (Yu Yu Hakusho, Yukina, Shiori, Kurama, ~353 words) - Shiori finds out. I always wanted to write YYH and Kurama family fics, but this is all I've managed so far.

This Place is Dead (Prince of Tennis, 100 words) - Future fic. Kind of ambiguous. It's just about empty courts.

After 100 Days (Ginban Kaleidoscope, Pete/Tazusa, 143 words) - I found the series charming, and was surprised that the original novels went on much further. The ghost part was only a short part of Tazusa's journey! I wanted to write a story about Pete watching over Tazusa for 100 more days...but I'd need to read the original novels to get my facts straight.

My Own Life (Apollo Justice, Kristoph & Klavier, ~160 words) - I did not think I would like the 4th game so much, but now I love it and the characters in it much more than 1-3.

Unreason (D.Gray-man, Crowley & Miranda, ~175 words) - I was watching the D.Gray-man anime around then. I love Miranda so much. :3

Here I am Tired of Things (Nabari no Ou, Kouichi & Raimei, ~160 words) - Kouichi's long life intrigues me. Wish I could explore his thoughts more.

Free (Hikaru no Go, Yashiro, 100 words) - I've gotten a bit disconnected with Hikago fic, and this is all I've written in 2009 for HnG. I have been reading a lot of HnG fic though!

Child's Puzzle (Fruits Basket, Kagura & Momiji, 100 words) - This is my crack at the ending for Fruits Basket with all the couples left and right.

Intention (Shugo Chara, Tadase & Kiseki, 100 words) - I like Tadase, but I have no plunnies about him. XD;

Remember (Fruits Basket, Kyou, 100 words) - 2nd person POV. The cursed forms talk.

All the Pretty Things (Wild Arms 4, Arnaud/Raquel, 100 words) - I have a secret fondness for WA4 and Arnaud.

Calling (Yoroshiku Master, Rihito & Tateyama, 100 words) - Rihito and Tateyama are just so cute as reindeer and Santa (they'd make a hilarious slash couple). It's too bad Yoroshiku Master and other Tsukuba Sakura manga aren't more popular. I sometimes feel like I'm writing to a void with her series. XD;

Spoiled Wedding Cake (Harry Potter, Tonks, 100 words)

Allegiance is Voluntary (The World Ends With You, Neku & Josh, 100 words)

Unexpected (Apollo Justice, Apollo&Trucy, 100 words) - I don't know, I think I was reading too many stories with genetic sexual attraction around this time.

Boast (Prince of Tennis, Horio, 100 words) - Really, Horio, do you think you can beat the golf champion? XD;

Blind Love (Doubt, Yuu & Hajime, 100 words) - The freaky rabbits got me.

Naivety (Otomen, Touno & Asuka, 100 words) - I love Touno a lot. I'm hoping this fandom will grow.

Their Wish (Double Arts, Kiri/Elraine, 100 words) - Post-series. I wrote 3 drabbles that sort of go with each other. There's a lot more that could be done with the series. I'm still dreaming of a continuation. All three drabbles cover themes that could very well be full length fics, but alas, I was under a time crunch (as always). Still, there is something beautiful in brevity as well.

Beyond All Doubt (Double Arts, Kiri/Elraine, 100 words)

And Then I Saw (Double Arts, Kiri/Elraine, 100 words)

Stranded (Uninhabited Planet Survive, 100 words) - I need to rewatch this series. ^__^

Regret (Apollo Justice, Apollo, 100 words)

Stifling Silence (Eureka seveN, Dominic, 100 words) - I always wanted to see Dominic visit Renton's grandfather. I've received gift fic for this that's written much better than my poor excuse of a drabble here. :3

White Fire (Fire Emblem 10, Micaiah, 100 words) - I still hadn't finished the game before this. Now I have much more plunnies...


Memories of the Future chapter 16 (Mekakushi no Kuni, Namiki/Kaichou, ~1600 words). I finally returned to this fic in March with a chapter on a summer festival. There's now a section for the series over at ffnet, which might be why I've actually gained some new readers this year. I have such a horrid updating speed with the fic though. I would hate following an author like me. ^^;;


Nothing~. I was entirely devoted to twistserve_tcg! That sure distracted me a lot from everything else. XD;


Nothing again, as summer = cosplay and conventions for me.


Same as above...


Memories of the Future chapter 17 (Mekakushi no Kuni, Namiki/Kaichou, ~2100 words) - What, autumn already in the fic?? My pacing is quite bad, and my updating speed even worse. At this rate, I'll never finish.


Hello Japan. Hello work and school!


Memories of the Future chapter 18 (Mekakushi no Kuni, Namiki/Kaichou, ~1800 words) - Time jump again, now it's winter in the fic! *headdesks* I leave off with a nasty cliffhanger. The next part was quite fun to write because I've been waiting to write it for years, but man, I'm still not done with it. OTL.

♠ Mysterious Ace Attorney fic for the kink meme. I sadly did not finish what I started this time either.


Writing on the Wall (Code Geass, CC, ~1000 words) - for 31_days. The October themes were lovely and I wanted to write Natsume Yuujinchou for several of the themes, but I fell sick and marathoned CG instead, and this was what resulted.


I do believe this is when I went, "I HAVE TO TRANSLATE SO MUCH STUFF!!" *flails*


December, I only wrote 2 fics, both for yuletide. I haven't crossposted them here yet, but I will since I like having all my fics archived here. Thoughts on those 2 fics are here.

Give Me Your Hand (Yankee-kun to Megane-Chan, Adachi/Shinagawa, ~5116 words, for Alianora)

Snowmen with Scarves (Kimi to Boku, ~1742 words for Jan)

Favorite long fic: Memories of the Future (Mekakushi no Kuni) - I feel I'm being true to the series here. (but it's not like I've written any other long fics last year~)
Favorite oneshot: The Little Mirror (TWEWY) and Give Me Your Hand (Yankee-kun to Megane-chan). I'm not all that great with writing romances, but these two are both rather successful romance fics in my opinion. :) The second one is fairly in tune with how the original series feels like...
Favorite drabble: Beyond All Doubt (Double Arts). This will kill you with cuteness.

So, fic goals for 2010.
- DEFINITELY finish Memories of the Future and update more than once every 2 months. OTL.
- work on and finish drive_a fic with Juu.
-Start writing Twin Stars (Shaman King idol AU) again. =/ I haven't even touched it this year. Perhaps it's time to give up and move on.
-finish those three mysterious Ace Attorney fics I started for the kink meme. Why are they so hard to finish...
-finish other fics on this list of unfinished fics, like that Hikaru no Go/Yu Yu Hakusho crossover and also that horrible Hikaru no Go/Prince of Tennis crossover that I never finished and left collecting dust.
-write for yuletide again.
-actually write during summer instead of doing all the heavy writing at the beginning of the year! I don't know how to juggle my time very well!
-tackle some prompts for yuletide's New Years Resolution challenge.

It's sad to see the same unfinished fics on my list as last year. =/

Total word count for 2009: ~23400 words. Well, it's not that dismal.
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