June 4th, 2019

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Fanime 2019 p1, fic status update

So Fanime happened around a week and a half ago. Was hoping to post more about it but hasn't happened so far (like always lately haha). I was working on a Valentine's Soren cosplay that sucked all of my time. Ended up not quite finished with it, so I just wore my FEH version of Soren to Fanime instead of a new cosplay. I think I haven't posted many photos of that here though! (Hoping to finish Valentine's Soren by AX!)

Here's a cool pic of Almedha and me from the Fire Emblem gathering! So amazing to meet someone cosplaying Soren's mom. :D Definitely the highlight of the gathering for me. Kinda wished I asked the gathering organizer to let us join in with the Awakening parent-child photo (in fact, we could have had an all series parent-child photo, since there were plenty of other parent-child pairs there too from the other games, like Eliwood and Roy, Arvis and Julia)

A mage group pic~

I'm so good at finding the midpoint to stand at lol (also just noticed I'm surrounded by Olivias)

Lots of other cool group pics in the link. :3 I thought the Julia, Lyon, and Veronica cosplayers looked amazing.

Went to some guest panels just for the heck of it (so much easier to get in than panels at AX). They were all in the same room on Sunday so I just sat there for 3 hours, hahaha. Will probably return with some thoughts on the panels. I went there after the gathering and asked the staff at the door if they cleared the room since I wanted to see more than one panel, but they didn't really know if they would or not, ahaha. So I left for a bathroom break and returned to eat my lunch while sitting outside. The guy at the door saw me and asked if I wanted to head in since there would probably be enough room anyway, but I just stayed outside to continue eating (and er turned out to be first in line....?)

Let's play spot the Lucathia? lol

Nobutoshi Canna
Aya Hirano

Hopefully will return with pics of my loot, some pics of cosplayers, thoughts on Music Fest and Masquerade, and other misc stuff. And if not, then just pics of the loot, haha.

Sadly, since I was spending all my time on making the V!Soren cosplay (yet still didn't finish... OTL too hard with a full time job) I didn't get to write much in May. Didn't update or post any fic in May DDDD: There goes my New Years resolution of posting at least one fic update each month. :'D Welp, will try for at least two updates in June then...

Am still poking at several oneshots for the New Horizons collection. Closest to completion is still That Person Now Returned (Grisia reunites with Roland before v1 begins) and That Power Forever Gone (Grisia loses the majority of his magic and thus his sight). But I think I'll be tossing out half of what I've written of That Power Forever Gone, because it's... too mopey? Yeah. Not the characterization I'm going for. It'll be an AU of v8.

Other than New Horizons oneshots, I've also been poking at a Fruits Basket AU oneshot featuring Yuki in university having a random orange cat adopt him. Because. I enjoy so and so turns into a cat fic and can't turn back, but the other person doesn't know. Seems like a perfect AU for Fruits Basket to have someone stuck as an animal. Yuki won't know Kyo in this AU, with Kyo being more like a legend in their family.

Also started planning a Black Clover time travel fic. Not sure if anything will come out of it yet. :3

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