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LSK heights

Heights for LSK! Why didn't I have this when I was just starting to write Bittersweet Sweetness... At least I know this will be useful for Dishonest Honesty!

this plurk:

Yu Wo mentions not liking to set heights (because she would forget them), but she had to have set heights for character designs for the manhua. So below were the numbers~

Grisia Sun: 178
Ceo Storm: 182
Georgo Earth: 186
Demos Cloud: 176
Elmairy Leaf: 175
Chikus Blaze: 183
Lesus Judgment: 182
Ecilan Ice: 185
Laica Metal: 182
Aivis Stone: 188
Vival Moon: 183
Roland Hell: 185

this plurk:
(has two heights for the 39th gen)

Elaro: 23 years old, 188
Hungri: 17 years old, currently 168, will be 175 in the future

I seem to have written more of Invincible when I was trying to work on Bittersweet Sweetness and Entries 5. OTL I'm so terrible with seeing fics through... Invincible is currently in the easy stage because it's still the introductory stage... Bittersweet Sweetness is in the ending stage, and guh is it hard to write... while Entries is just... XD;; There's barely any plot, so nothing's getting written for that. I don't seem to have Blaze's voice down, so. =/

Translation of Half Prince v8c1 should be published today. I can't wait to see people's reactions! This is a very cool chapter. Might edit this post to include my reactions to the chapter...

1/2 Prince v8c1

Well, the beginning of the end! Last volume. ;__; I read everything super quickly during my first read through of 1/2 Prince in Chinese. Missed so many details! Translating and editing HP has made me noticed a lot of things...

But anyway, this chapter. XDDD The secret's out! But no one has time to react much, since they're in the middle of a battle.

My favorite part of the chapter below:

“Prince, you seem…” a haughty high school student who was clearly wearing his school uniform under his gear said with cold arrogance, “a bit short, hmm?”

Ouch! Short? I am at least 163 cm, okay? That’s not short for a girl, right? Damn it, I want to grow a couple more centimeters too! In a rage, I couldn’t stop myself from retorting sarcastically, “This little bro here, you seem…a little young? Why don’t you go back to your high school, attend the morning assembly, and sing the national anthem, hmm?”

“Anyway, who are you?” Yang Ming asked in surprise.

“Cold Fox!” Cold Fox answered succinctly.

Cold Fox is a high school student…

Yes Lan, Cold Fox is a high school student. XDDDD Too bad that's all the focus he gets in this chapter. XDDD
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