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The Ultimate Sticky Post! Scroll down for actual updates

(Current header features Legend of Sun Knight by Yu Wo, illustrated by J.U.)

LSK Round Robin!!!!
Orders for Bittersweet Sweetness and select short stories (book)
Fishbones @ Storenvy
(currently closed)

This is the ultimate sticky post! Feel free to regard this as an off-topic post for you to drop by and tell me random stuff at any point in time. Want to squeal with me over something? Want to lob some plotbunnies at me? Need to contact me? Want to tell me more about yourself? Here's your post! You can also use <lj-spoiler> </lj-spoiler> if you happen to want to discuss spoiler'ish stuff with me.

I've noticed that there a number of people on my friends of list that I don't know. I friend back as long as we've interacted before, and you tell me you're friending me. I figured that I probably didn't have an easy way for people to do that before. Feel free to use this post to introduce yourself if you want! I really don't bite. :3;;

This post will stay at the top of my journal. Scroll down for actual updates!


So who is Lucathia? Lucathia is simply your everyday fan who likes to collect fishbone related trinkets, write fanfic, translate stuff, learn new languages, cosplay, watch anime, make pixelated cards, and so forth. Lucathia's not very good with talking and can be quite a lurker, so she apologizes if her presence sometimes feels thin. This journal is her random fandom journal where anything related to fandom goes. (However, it is mostly filled with fic) Stuff about her personal life is generally not mentioned here. For that, you'll need her other LJ (but that one hasn't been updated in quite a long time) or her twitter.

Lucathia's fanfic can be found in the following places:
LJ Fic Masterlist
or through these tags: drabbles | oneshots | longfics
Archive of Our Own

Spanish translations of Lucathia's fic:

Lucathia translates Chinese/Japanese -> English in the following places:
Prince Revolution!
Chocobanana Scanlations

Lucathia used to run the following TCGs.
twistserve_tcg | Twist Serve (now out of action)
colors_tcg | Colors TCG

LJ communities
Other than translation and TCG communities, Lucathia also moderates the following:

Other places Lucathia can be found at.
[personal profile] lucathia @ Dreamwidth - mostly used to comment on other people's journals and to participate in writing communities, so you will find the journal itself to be quite empty.
Lucathia @ Tumblr - Where Lucathia posts random screencaps and tidbits about animanga/video games/drama/books she's following.
Lucathia @ Plurk - Where Lucathia talks mostly about random fandom things or other miscellaneous things. - Where you can view Lucathia's marvelous fishbone collection.

She's also on Deviantart and (guess what her username is, hahaha) but will refrain from linking them. She is most active on LJ, so you'll find all other places to be fairly neglected.

This journal can be navigated by tags. Tags that are used more often are linked in the sidebar of this journal.

For ramblings about stuff Lucathia's following, try these tags:
anime | manga | video games | light novels | books | movies

For screencaps when she's not too lazy to ramble more:

For talk about fic:
fic talk | detailed fic commentary | fic recs | writing communities

For translations:

For graphics:

For conventions, cosplay, and crafts:
conventions and cosplay | crafts and plushies

For if you really want to see Lucathia's bad art:

For pics of stuff Lucathia buys:

For random stuff:
random uncategorized stuff | memes

Lucathia also tags by fandom, so if there's a particular fandom you're interested in, try the tag for that fandom~. Currently, the most used fandom tags are:
the legend of sun knight | yu wo

Recently completed longfics

Bittersweet Sweetness (Legend of Sun Knight, Sun & Judgment bodyswap)
COMPLETE! You can find a PDF of this fic here. A book version can be ordered here or at Storenvy!

so we can get to know you (Legend of Sun Knight, the holy knights turn into kids, Roland POV)

A Vice-Captain's Tale (Legend of Sun Knight, vice-captains giving Tyler advice)
COMPLETE! Tyler receives a lot of advice from each of the vice-captains. Whether or not the advice is helpful is an entirely different matter.

Current fics

Here are some of the fics I'm currently writing. For a list of all of my fic, including oneshots and previously completed fic, please visit the fic masterlist! I will periodically update the blurbs about them here.

A Rose for Your Hair (Legend of Sun Knight, Judgment with super hair, AU starting from volume 5)
This fic explores what it might be like if Judgment suffered from the side effect of gaining... super hair. XD Meant to be a short multi-parter. It's an alternate ending to v5 from Lesus's POV.

A Slice of Wedding Cake (Legend of Sun Knight, Sun and Judgment get married but everyone else has to do the work)
A collaboration with kiyutsuna! We estimate the fic will probably be around 16 19 chapters long. There will now be side stories as well. *dies*

Entries in a Holy Knight's Journal (Legend of Sun Knight, mundane happenings from each of the Twelve Holy Knights)
This is one of the lower priority LSK fics. I'm not even halfway done with it yet! I probably won't be updating it until I finish one of my other fics first.

Fifteen Going on Sixty (Going on Fifteen) (Legend of Sun Knight, theories about the Pope)
Will be a short multi-part fic. I'd always wondered about the Pope. This is just one of my crazy theories, hehe. Will eventually take us past the end of canon and include tidbits from 39 LSK.

Follow the Sign (Legend of Sun Knight, Adair travels the universes to find the missing Twelve Holy Knights)
Hahaha... Lucathia has started another fic. This is a crossover of doom fic. Will be at least 26 parts.

Grace (Legend of Sun Knight, time traveling, reincarnation, genderbending harem with a dash of mystery)
Low priority at the moment.

Invincible; that is the Legend (1/2 Prince x Legend of Sun Knight crossover, Prince and his companions are scattered across the LSK world)
I can't believe how little the story has covered so far. Lots of work ahead of me. XD

My Friend, the Pope (in-training) (Legend of Sun Knight, AU where Roland becomes the Sun Knight and Grisia the strongest pope in history)
We'll be seeing a few more introductory chapters, and then it'll be heading into the more plot-heavy part of the story!

My Very Own Creature of Darkness (Legend of Sun Knight, reincarnation, Ceo/Roland)
I don't even know how this happened. XD;; It's a sequel to A Slice of Wedding Cake!

Out the Window
The newest, shiniest fic. :') Back to the body-swap trope.

The Time of Ten Suns
I did some planning for this fic, so you might be seeing this updated a bit more!


I've still been poking at these fics, but these aren't at the front of my mind at the moment. Here are some blurbs about the direction these fics would've gone.

Apple Turnovers (Prince of Tennis, Fuji x Sakuno x Yuuta)
Part 2 will be from Fuji's POV and part 3 from Yuuta's.

He Never Knew (Prince of Tennis, Ryoma never gained his memories back)
I really should have ended this fic while it was still fresh in people's minds! There wasn't a lot left to go...

Memories of the Future (Mekakushi no Kuni, post canon fic about Namiki)
I need to reread canon for this. I do want to finish this fic still.

[fics I might discontinue]

Super Low Priority Fics

Fics that I will probably won't be returning to... (because it's been a really long time since I've updated, I'm not familiar enough with the fandom anymore, I ran out of ideas, canon has already made the fic obsolete, etc). But feel free to give me a poke if you're curious about any of the fics and I can ramble a bit about them.

Before I Leave (Hikaru no Go x Yu Yu Hakusho crossover, after Sai disappears, he goes through a journey with the YYH cast)

Forgotten (The World Ends With You, Neku dies again at age 32)

Go no Oujisama (Hikaru no Go x Prince of Tennis crossover)

His Pet Brother (Gyakuten Saiban, Klavier is a pet from Count D's shop)

Honest for Justice (Gyakuten Saiban, Apollo meets Edgeworth)

Learning Nihongo (Shaman King, Ren learning Japanese pre-series)

Ohanami (Shaman King, Yoh and Anna oneshot trilogy)

The Mop Girl and the Kaitou (Magic Kaito, 30 snippets about Kaito and Aoko)

Twin Stars (Shaman King, idol!AU where Hao crossdresses)

Fic To-Do List

This is on top of my current WIPs list, haha. Stuff that has been requested, stuff I want to write, stuff I need to write for exchanges, etc. Some things might be combined into one fic instead of turning into separate fics. Some things might never get written. Several plunnies are not listed for secrecy's sake. 8D

Big sister day
Lesus taking care of Charsia
Sun's sensing ability stops working
Sun gets drunk
how Roland makes Tyler conform
mystery fic
Neo cuts Grisia's hair
huge mix up
Adair as the substitute
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