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Female Warrior picspam

Since I'm currently on a Female Warrior kick as you can see from my changed header... =P

Picspam ahead. Rife with spoilers! Though... there really isn't much to spoil, as the actual story hasn't even been written yet. You will be spoiled about the two short prequels though! (like about which characters show up and how they relate to each other). Most of the characters below actually haven't shown up yet. It's just that Yu Wo already asked the artist (Wu Ling) to design the characters. I feel like we have more complete designs here than we even have for the 38th generation. XDDD If you just want to admire the drawings, the first part of the post is mostly spoiler-free, if you don't count seeing the designs for the knights as a spoiler. XD I'll keep my commentary to a minimum in the first half and let you make your own conclusions.

I feel kind of bad about all the hype because the second prequel might be a bit of a letdown the higher you raise your hopes... Since really, nothing happens yet. XD;;

[background on Female Warrior]First off, Female Warrior is about the 1st generation of the Twelve Holy Knights that we first hear about in the Legend of Sun Knight. I suppose this tidbit would be a spoiler, except... if you're like me, you probably became intrigued by Female Warrior because of knowing it's related to LSK. XD; Only two prequels have been written so far. The main story hasn't been written yet, and the "Twelve Holy Knights" hasn't been formed yet either. In fact, none of the characters even call themselves knights, so I have no idea how they get from their current place to later become the Twelve Holy Knights... I guess we'll find out in the future. It'll probably take a while.

Aaaanyway, have some pics! They are super beautiful, drawn by Wu Ling. I'm sure you can guess what positions each of them have. :D

Alright, now I'll start rambling. =P If you don't want to get spoiled about what little is out about Female Warrior, this is a good place to stop. That, or don't read my commentary. XD

Here's the cover of prequel volume 1. "Red Cloak" is so charismatic. :)

Here's the cover of prequel volume 2. The cover features "the bard." Based on the pictures above of the 12, you can probably figure out who's supposed to be who here, haha. The yellow slime-like creature on his shoulder is "Little God/Little What" which PR! will be translating as "Ohmygod" or something to that effect. XD;;

Back cover of the second prequel.

This is the character guide that came with the first prequel. Anyway, that's a cool looking harp. I really have no idea how he goes from being a bard who uses a harp to sing ballads... to becoming a knight who uses a sword... how in the world does that happen...

Back cover of the character guide.

This first character guide only contains a few characters. But as you can see, we actually have official English names attached with these characters! :OOOO (Whether PR will stick with all of them or not depends on if they make sense as English names though~)

So yeah. Our mysterious bard's name is Silvester Uriah Nate. If you only read the first letter of each part of his name, you'll see that his name spells out SUN. ;)

Silvester Uriah Nate
Characteristics: Blond hair, blue eyes
Profession: Bard
Weapon: Harp
Names: Silvie, Sun
Famous quotes: "Why..." "Sorry, I didn't do it on purpose!" "Carol, don't hit me..."

In this first character guide, he still wears the outfit of a bard. :3 Those are some flowy clothes... and what is up with those pants?

His hair, how does he do his hair...

More expressions of Silvie. :D

And here we have our actual main character. At least, I believe her to be the main character. After all, the series is named after her!

Characteristics: Black hair, black eyes
Profession: Warrior
Weapon: Twin blades
Names: Dancingknife, Warriorknife, Warrior Queen, Dragon
Famous quotes: "Why don't you go die?" (used specifically with Silvie) "I'm going to kill you!" (used specifically with Silvie) "Shut up and let me slice you up!"

She is said to be very androgynous and is often mistaken for a guy. She doesn't ever mince her words. Carol is seriously damn cool. Those are two huge swords.

Bottom left is probably how she appeared as "Red Cloak."

Miscellaneous expressions for Carol!

Silvester's harp.

Carol's blades. It's actually one blade that can be divided into two depending on how she wants to use it. Middle is of the blade as one weapon while the bottom image is when you take the blade apart.

Lancero is the Holy Emperor. The world of Female Warrior is quite different from what we get in LSK. It seems that Lancero has just managed to unite the place even though some areas are already starting to become corrupt (such as officials abusing their power). Carol was known as the Warrior Queen who fought under Lancero. His clothes look hard to walk in. XD

Lancero Ornister
Characteristics: Blond hair, golden eyes
Profession: Knight
Names: Holy Emperor
Famous quotes: For the sake of the world.

LL is Silvester's teacher.

Lorenzo Louis
Characteristics: Frivolous
Profession: Bard
Names: LL
Famous quotes: "Life is but a game." "Sing a song to pass the days."

Characteristics: Golden jelly
Profession:! God!
Weapon: Entire body
Names: "God" (used by Silvie) "Ohmygod" (used by Silvie) "Come over, you lump." (used by Carol)

So after reading Female Warrior, most of the responses I've seen people leave are... "Is this the real identity of the God of Light?"

We have no answer as of yet, hahahaha.

Some silly 4-koma where Carol is asked if her fallen comrade has golden hair or silver hair. (She's unable to answer, poor Silvie)

Carol... what are you bidding on...

[this was what (or who) she was bidding on...or was she trying to sell him...under the cut for some nudity, hahahaha]

As you can see, the end of this features some guest art!

This artist says that it was difficult to make sure Carol looked handsome here. :3

Moving on, here's the cover to the second character guide! This came with prequel volume 2. I don't know what Carol is wearing on her face, but it looks really cool.

Here's the back cover. I love that each of them have their own symbol!

Here we goooo! :DDD

Warm faction first. ;)

Now a more detailed profile for Silvester.

Silvester Uriah Nate

Names: Silvie, S.U.N.
Weapon: Divine Sun Sword
Likes: singing, dancing, smiling, making Carol mad, playing with Ohmygod, getting teased by his companions (you can also think of this as things he does instead of just things he likes ^^)
Famous quotes: "I didn't do it on purpose..." "Carol, don't get mad!" "Ohmygod, save me!" "Let's celebrate! How about it? Can we?" "I love gatherings!"

"As long as you are willing to repent, the benevolent God of Light will definitely forgive you!"

None of this even shows up in the Female Warrior prequels, so I guess Yu Wo is spoiling us ahead of time with this character guide. =P I wonder if any of the characters will change and veer off track, or if the characters will stay true to this character guide.

But oh my god, I'm dyyyyying at Silvie's use of the "benevolent God of Light" spiel, ahhhhh.

Full body version of the postcards. ;) Seriously, how does he go from bard -> holy knight... He was a really weak bard! I don't think he knows how to fight...

Shahot Elate

Names: Shahaha (like a laugh)
Weapon: Storm Cuisse (whatever you call leg armor...)
Likes: Admiring beautiful things, flirting with beautiful girls, one night stands, protecting women
Famous quotes: "Are you joking with me? A place without women is unsuitable for men!" "It's a babe!" "Sun, have you ever considered finding a woman to lose your virginity?"

"Life is just a game. There's not much you need to be serious for!"

Oooooh man, I am unused to Storm being an actual flirt! XDDDD I think I would find Female Warrior less interesting if we hadn't already been introduced to how these legends had become warped by the end. It's doubly amusing now to meet the ones who started the legends. Shahot, meet Ceo. You would be appalled by your successor. XDDDD

Be careful not to get kicked. XDDD He seriously looks like a flirt to me.

Half of Leaf (PR! has already decided to translate his name as Halfleaf)
Name: "Leaf"

Names: Leaf, Little Leaf, Elf
Weapon: Divine Leaf Bow
Likes: Singing and dancing, staring off into space so much that he forgets to eat and sleep, asking Silvie to sing for him, shooting his arrows
Famous quotes: "I'm a guy. Really, I am! Sorry that I caused your misunderstanding." "No, I am only a half elf." "Oh, sorry, I blanked out again." "Silvie, want to sing together?"

"Why not sing a song and forget about the worries of the world?"

Halfleaf is so beautiful. ./////. Silvie and Halfleaf singing together.... Maaaan, this "warm" faction is way too cute...

Car Ben (what kind of name is this?!)

Names: Loudmouth, Stuben (AKA: Stupid)
Weapon: Blaze (??? I have no idea... it just says Blaze. Typo... or does he just use fire? XD)
Likes: Laughing loudly, battling, laughing at Silvie and Halfleaf for their girliness, being absent-minded, indulging in wine and meat
Famous quotes: "Man, you sure you have anything in your pants?" (*coughs* or "between your legs") "Sun! It's not that I want to say this, but can't you be more like a guy?" "Really? I said that? I forgot."

"Cut the crap and let our weapons speak for themselves!"

He is sure kind of brash and vulgar, hahaha.

Sooo red. And that is not a sword. *stares* Whoa, he can wield that one-handed, huh. XD


Cash Elante (except, why are you named "Cash" OTL)

Names: Birdie, Baby-face, Little Guy
Weapon: Shield of Earth / Earth Shield
Likes: Taking care of his older brother, raising little animals which are mostly little chicks, saying sorry, discussing the beauty of mankind with Silvie, getting teased together with Silvie by everyone else
Famous quotes: "Sorry, sorry, sorry..." "Little chicks are cute..." "Don't eat my chicken!" "I'm only baby-faced." "Brother, you must stay close to me!"

"People should take care of each other!"

He is adorable. Seriously adorable. I snorted at the "don't eat my chicken" line. Pooooor guy, he raised the cute little chicks and I bet the other guys always tease him and threaten to eat his pets. XDDD;;;

[and hey, some spoilers]He is related to both Halfleaf and Cale, though I'm not sure which one he thinks of as his older brother. Gotta reread the 2nd prequel to refresh my memory. XDD;;; He barely gets mentioned in the prequel, but he does show up near the end. Sort of.

ETA: Okay, it was Halfleaf who was looking for his brother. :3;;

Idane Qwun

Names: Disappeared
Weapon: Cloud Rapier
Likes: Reading, sleeping in the shade of a tree, drinking wine, collecting various odd trinkets, disappearing
Famous quotes: "..." "That has never happened." "I don't want to waste time." "Give me a reason."

"To live in this world, you must learn to take care of everything by yourself."

Wow, he seems to be a very stand-offish character! I guess he doesn't like being disturbed... At first, I thought he was Ice. :3;;

Now to the cruel faction!

Let's go! \o\


Names: Warrior Queen, Bloodknife
Weapon: Twin Blades
Likes: Battling, leading troops, training her comrades, getting super angry at her comrades, dealing out punishment to enemies who sin or comrades who are simply asking for it
Famous quotes: "Silvie!!!" "Go on and resist if you don't want to live anymore!" "My blade or talking, you choose!" "It's useless even if you strip this time!" "Silvester!!!"

"Every world is the same. Without power, there is no justice!"

She sure is formidable. :3;; Though haha, she must have to yell Silvie's name a lot... I really like her clothes here. They're quite beautiful. Also, she's beginning to show why she's "Judgment" with how she believes in dealing out punishment!

Cale (PR was actually considering translating his name as Clay)

Names: Thief, Miser
Weapon: Double daggers
Likes: Teasing his companions, causing mischief, making money, taking advantage of a crisis for personal gain, exhibitionist
Famous quotes: "If merely showing my butt can save my life, that's super easy!" "As long as you have money, things are easy!" "Silvie, lend me some money!" "Boss, your call."

"Money can't buy everything, but without money, you can't do anything!"

lmao, this guy should seriously be named Cash instead...

Fascinating how his daggers connect. :O I like his wink. XD

[some spoilers]This is actually the first guy we meet outside of Silvie and Carol. :3;; I didn't get the impression then that he liked money all that much, so I don't know how accurate these character profiles will be down the line! Who knows though... maybe he starts going crazy about money later. XDD


Names: Prince, Your Majesty
Weapon: Whip
Likes: Dressing himself and his companions up, fixing clothes, admiring jewelry and accessories, designing clothes, gracefully going about his days
Famous quotes: "Appearances are important!" "Only beggars are allowed to look like that!" "Even companions are a type of accessory. You're not allowed to wear something that ugly!" "Taste determines everything." "Hmph, what do you think you are?"

"Only when you dress beautifully will your feelings be beautiful as well."

Well, congrats, Moon, I find you quite beautiful and breathtaking. XD; I wonder if he truly is a Prince, or if that's just a nickname. He sure looks princely to me! And his whip curves in a moon shape. :DDD It looks like his whip is sword shaped but when he wields it, it turns fluid. *___*

Shu Noah

Names: So Cold, Assassin/Killer
Weapon: Divine Ice Sword
Likes: Taking care of everything with one strike, never letting anything drag, not talking, following Carol's orders
Famous quotes: "..." "......" "........." "Yes."

"Silence is golden."

He is truly a taciturn guy. XDDD;;; Sounds like he listens to Carol. I wonder how he joins up... possibly because of Carol?

Felaxe Anderite

Names: (I'm unsure how to translate this)
Weapon: Stone Broadsword
Likes: Giving commands, resolutely following Carol's orders, following discipline, always being on time and never going back on his word, protecting his comrades
Famous quotes: "Yes!" "Duck behind me!" "I rather die than go back on my word!" "Don't be late!"

"One must be responsible for one's words and actions. If you err, you must take responsibility!"

Wow, he sounds like a very responsible guy. Very strict with following the rules, and has a lot of self-discipline. And he likes to protect others. :3

Yu (Yu and Hell sound the same in Chinese)

Names: That Guy
Weapon: Long and short swords
Likes: Flitting here and there, not talking, listening to Silvie talk
Famous quotes: "..." "I don't understand." "?" "Tell Silvie."

"What is a human? Is a human different from other creatures?"

Wow, from just the pictures, I thought that maybe Hell = Carol in disguise??? But the profile makes Yu sound unlike Carol, so I have no idea anymore. It seems likely that Hell is probably a different person... making it so that they actually do have twelve people altogether. (eleven would be a lonely number...)

The rest I will post up without any commentary. I'm tired. XDD

If you want to visit Wu Ling's blog, it's the top link here! The bottom two are for artists that contributed guest art.

Some random comics...

And that's it!

Would love to hear your thoughts. :D

ETA: KAJDL;A I just noticed that the Chinese characters used in Shahot and Cash's last names ARE THE SAME. So there must be a typo in the English translation used here. =P Elante is closer to the pronunciation than Elate. SO DOES THIS MEAN THAT SHAHOT AND CASH ARE RELATED TOO... So are like, half of the 1st gen related or what... because currently so far...

[Spoiler (click to open)]We learn in prequel #2 that Cale's paternal grandfather's younger sister had relations with an elf (resulting in Halfleaf). Halfleaf has a younger brother (Cash) who has a different father from him. (Wait, how old does this make Halfleaf and Cash...) Cale meanwhile, is a bastard son. I wonder how Shahot fits in... if he's also part of this messed up family...

ETA 2: Any theories about how these people relate to each other and how they finally get together? XD; My theory is that Shu and Felaxe both joined because of Carol. They seem to really like following her orders. XD; Maybe they're nobles or part of the court and were sent by the emperor to serve Carol, who used to be the Warrior Queen. :3;
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