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Round Robin? *looks hopeful*

Is anyone interested in writing a Legend of Sun Knight round robin story with me? :3 I would very much like to work on a collaborative story. XD;

The basic idea behind it is that several authors will take turns writing the story and passing it along. There will be a central idea, but after that, anything goes! You just have to write a certain word count, and then you pass it on to the next person. The story doesn't have to make sense by the end. (In fact, I'm hoping it will be utter crack, though maybe it could turn out serious) The aim is just to have fun. :)

I used to looove writing 3 word stories where you had to pass on the story after three words and the next person had to continue it with 3 words. The results were always hilarious because you never knew how the next person would continue it. (Though, I'm proposing more than 3 words here, hahaha. Maybe something like 200~500 words. Not too long that it would take a long time to write, but not too short that nothing substantive has happened.)

If we can get maybe at least three authors on board (more can feel free to join in at anytime!), we can get something going. :D /wishful thinking

ETA: I'm going to try starting a Round Robin fic here in this post! :3;;
1. I will make a comment with the beginning of a fic, with a title in the subject line. Reply to this comment with a continuation of the story.
2. Each continuation only needs to be around 100~500 words, but we won't be keeping track or anything. XD; Shorter or longer = both are okay.
3. You only have to wait for one other author to comment before you in order to take another turn.
4. You can feel free to start your own Round Robin stories too! (Just make a new comment and label the subject line with the title for the new fic and we can start threading with you! \o\)
5. If you are an anonymous commenter, feel free to sign your part with your name, or you could keep it anonymous if you want. XD;
6. Feel free to join in at any time!
7. Feel free to comment/respond to the stories!

Story 1: The Legendary Fours- x | x | x
Story 2: A Mission x
Story 3: Undercover x
Story 4: A Day in the Life of x
Tags: fic, round robin, the legend of sun knight
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