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For Sale

Stuff I'm selling! Payment is collected through PayPal! (This post should make much more sense than my previous confusing posts. :'D;;)

Alternatively, you can also place your order over at Storenvy.

Bittersweet Sweetness and select short stories

This is a Legend of Sun Knight fanbook anthology that includes 15 stories written by Lucathia, along with a matte cover and character introduction section drawn by Kiyutsuna! The book is 431 pages long. This is not for profit. Money collected goes towards manufacturing, shipping, and handling fees.

To order, please fill out this form.

Price: $12 USD
Shipping within the US: $8 USD
Shipping outside of the US: $24 USD
Shipping to Canada: $16 USD

[more info]Stories Included:
Bittersweet Sweetness
Sweetness Mixed with Dread
Even in Darkness, the Sun Shines
The Impressive Adair Fan Club
Lessons in Demeanor
Dead in the Knight
The Road to Becoming Impressive
Behind Closed Doors
This is Your Wake Up Call
A Taste of More
Long Live the Sun Knight
Wrong Choice or Not
In Want of Warmth
The View Through the Window
When You Fall, I'll Pick You Back Up.

You can read the stories here in this journal, over at ffnet, or over at AO3, so you're not missing out on much if you don't buy the book! But if you want a printed copy, here's your chance! :D

These are printed on demand and are not mass produced. If there are no books in stock, please expect it to take around 2~3 weeks for the book to be printed, after which the book will then be sent to you.

For US buyers, the book will be shipped out using Priority Mail. The book will reach you in around 2~3 days after being shipped.

For international buyers, the book will be sent out using First Class International Package. The book will reach you in 2~3 weeks after being shipped. The international shipping rate is fairly expensive, so please make sure you are okay with it before placing your order.
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