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2014 in fic

I'm back from Japan! Trying to catch up with everything I've missed in the past two weeks. :'D; (I slept two days away, OTL. Terrible, terrible jetlag. Still trying to reorient myself.) First up is my yearly fic round up post~. Then, pictures from the trip? Maybe. I've missed so many posts and entries, ahhh.

(Previous years: 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006)

Bittersweet Sweetness Part 35 (Legend of Sun Knight, 1818 words)
Bittersweet Sweetness Part 36 (Legend of Sun Knight, 2273 words)
Fifteen Going on Sixty Part 1 (Legend of Sun Knight, 1325 words)
A Vice-Captain's Tale Suggestion 4 (Legend of Sun Knight, 1880 words)
A Rose for Your Hair Part 2 (Legend of Sun Knight, 1166 words)

I told myself I would finish writing Bittersweet Sweetness in 2013, but it didn't happen. So, instead, I updated it twice in January, thinking I would finish the fic, but it didn't happen then either. :'D Even though I was so close! Judgment and Sun are back in their own bodies by this part of the story, so I guess... I felt the story was already over. I'm terrible at endings. XD;;; But hey, two chapters!

I started a new fic! Fifteen Going on Sixty. OTL. Why Lucathia. This particular plunny was nibbling at me while I was working on My Friend, the Pope (in-training), and it just wouldn't go away. I thought it would be a quick thing, but when are things ever quick with me. I'm really fond of the concept! But not how I developed it. =x Let's hope I can actually finish this fic this year, hahaha.

It had been a year since I'd updated A Vice-Captain's Tale, so Suggestion 4 was a much needed update. I have to say, I didn't think leotards would end up so heavily on Tyler's mind. What have you done, Vice-Captain Moon!!!

Against my better judgment, I continued writing A Rose for Your Hair. =x (Judgment with super hair, eee~~~)

I'd decided that writing is writing, whether I was working on new fic or one of my WIPs... 2015 is the result of that...! Whether this is a good thing or a bad thing, I'm not sure. But hey, I wrote over 100k...?

Follow the Sign Part 2 (Legend of Sun Knight, 1177 words)
Long Live the Sun Knight (oneshot) (Legend of Sun Knight, 3314 words)
My Friend, the Pope (in-training) Part 5 (Legend of Sun Knight, 2134 words)

February marks a very low point in RL for me. I turned to writing to take my mind off of things. Writing can be a very good stress reliever... when it's not my main focus. :3;; During this month, I updated two of my fics, Follow the Sign (*hugs Adair*) and My Friend, the Pope (in-training). Follow the Sign was already shaping up to be not what I expected. It was supposed to be just snapshots. But instead I'm now spending more than one "snapshot" on each universe. Adair is never going to get out of that first world at this rate, is he. :'D I'm really excited to (finally) be writing longfic about Adair though. And unlike my other fics, this fic is 3rd person, present tense! Makes for a fun change, especially when I'm stuck with my other fics, which are mostly 1st person, past tense.

Demos is a cutie. Part 5 of My Friend, the Pope (in-training) was actually the first time I'd been in his head for so long. I need to write more of him!

Long Live the Sun Knight... What is it even? It was supposed to be crack. =x Can it even be called that? Probably not. Why don't you just take all my feels, Lesus. =x (But now I'm tempted to imagine a bunch of other people as the Sun Knight XDDD dyeing their hair blond ahaha)

As you can see, fics rarely go how I envision them. XD;;;

Wrong Choice or Not (oneshot) (2640 words)
Invincible, that is the Legend Chapter 10 (Legend of Sun Knight, 4033 words)
Grace Chapter 2 (Legend of Sun Knight, 1328 words)
Fifteen Going on Sixty Part 2 (Legend of Sun Knight, 1130 words)
The Time of Ten Suns Part 1 (Legend of Sun Knight, 1432 words)

I continue to write Lesus oneshots. =x I'm not sure where they came from. I think I've written more oneshots about Lesus than Adair at this point, which really surprises me. XD; Writing from Lesus's POV is comforting to me. Wrong Choice or Not is a retelling of canon events from Lesus's POV. I still don't think it's very creative or anything because of how close it sticks to canon, but... *hugs Lesus* Let me just hug him. =x

I updated Invincible! I updated Invincible! (This is such an achievement, I have to say it twice). Now, I would be happier... if that wasn't the only time I'd updated Invincible in 2014. Let me hide in the corner now. (I was joking when I said I hoped it wouldn't take another year for me to update Invincible again, but now it's looking very likely) /o\ I got to write Cold Fox in this chapter, which makes me very happy. Cold Fox~~ <3333 Cold Fox is still my desktop wallpaper. For both of my monitors. XDDDD (One day, I still want to write up a long post about Cold Fox's awesomeness) I've written two partial chapters for Invincible after this chapter, but neither are complete...

I updated Grace and Fifteen during March as well, trying to rotate through my various WIPs. Didn't really succeed too well with that, since both fics are still only in single digits at the moment.

Guess what, I started a new fic! :'D The Time of Ten Suns has been a very fun fic to write. Ten different Suns, whoot~~~. It all started because of 15b and talks of clones. I blame this one on 15b. :P Ten Suns. How many pies would it take to satisfy them all? XD I had a different vision for this fic, but the current path it has taken is much easier to write. Let's see how long I can stick to having only Elmairy as the narrator. XD;;

Insanity (oneshot) (Legend of Sun Knight, 2232 words)
izumin!! (oneshot) (Haikyuu!!, 1209 words)
A Slice of Wedding Cake Slice 2 (Legend of Sun Knight, 3226 words)

In April, I wrote a fic for Aprils Fools. XDDD It has been really amusing seeing people's reactions to the fic that was posted as a "translation" over at Prince Revolution. If not for the prank, I doubt I would ever write Grisia getting turned into a girl (but don't hold me to that) because I very much like him as a guy. =x Where's the fun in teasing him about his looks if he's an actual girl! *turns everyone else in LSK into a girl instead* :'D See, I'm totally on your side, Grisia!

April is when the Haikyuu!! anime started. I wrote a fic to celebrate that. I actually wrote something that wasn't LSK! *gasps* And it turned out to be the only non LSK fic I wrote all year. Wow...

April also marks the beginning of my collaboration with kiyutsuna! :DDDDD We started writing A Slice of Wedding Cake together, and it has been tons of fun. I've always wanted to write a collaborative fic. <3333 Kiyu totally thought it was a oneshot. (Ahahahaha.... *looks away*) So, it was my turn to write, and somehow I wrote 3k about Adair training with the two platoons. IDEK. Which pretty much forced us to write long chapters for the rest of the fic too, ahaha...

A Rose for Your Hair Part 3 (Legend of Sun Knight, 1384 words)
In Want of Warmth (oneshot) (Legend of Sun Knight, 1188 words)
A Slice of Wedding Cake Slice 4 (Legend of Sun Knight, 3250 words)
The View Through the Window (oneshot) (Legend of Sun Knight, 1149 words)
A Slice of Wedding Cake Slice 6 (Legend of Sun Knight, 4200 words)

Things in RL were looking better even though I was going to be out of a job soon. :'D I wrote quite a lot in May! The collaboration really motivated me~~. (Shiny new fic is always nice too, being able to toss ideas back and forth + only doing half the work makes things so much easier!)

I updated A Rose for Your Hair~~. I won't stop being amused by that fic, okay. In Want of Warmth was a random fic based off of a click and drag game. XD I was itching to try 2nd person POV fic too, so that fic was what resulted. Ecilan, let me hug you... Actually, I'll just throw you at Chikus. =x (the fic even made me entertain Ecilan x Demos XDDD)

The View Through the Window was written for Mother's Day. I'm quite happy I got it finished in time. <3 It features the 39th gen... so it's spoilerish. XD The translations aren't there yet. I love imagining the 38th gen as parental figures. <3333

I posted two chapters for a Slice of Wedding Cake! :DDDD I loved writing Chasel so, so much. His characterization is pretty much based on how I wrote him in Invincible. =x It was great fun, writing about teacher and student trying to make each other choke while drinking tea, ahaha. (Who can shock the other person more, hm?) Laica was terribly hard to write. So hard that I ended up writing 4k about him. :'D It's... what do you call it? When you ramble, hoping that you end up with something. Laica, you are one difficult character. :P

A Vice-Captain's Tale Suggestion #5 (Legend of Sun Knight, 1670 words)
Fifteen Going on Sixty Part 3 (Legend of Sun Knight, 1821 words)
A Slice of Wedding Cake Slice 8 (Legend of Sun Knight, 3580 words)
When You Fall, I'll Pick You Back Up (oneshot) (Legend of Sun Knight, 1393 words)
Bittersweet Sweetness Part 37 (Legend of Sun Knight, 2073 words)
Bittersweet Sweetness Part 38 (end) (Legend of Sun Knight, 1964 words)
A Slice of Wedding Cake Slice 10 (Legend of Sun Knight, 3454 words)

Work winded down and ended in June, so I had more free time. My word count usually dies off during summer months, but 2014's summer months were definitely anomalies! I actually wrote a lot thanks to all the comments I'd been getting around the time. First up was an update to A Vice-Captain's Tale with Suggestion #5, in which Tyler just won't stop thinking of leotards. :'D (Seriously, what have you done, Vice Captain Moon!!) Then, it was an update to Fifteen Going on Sixty, bringing us a bit more up-to-date with canon. The next part of Fifteen will deal with v8 and later stuff, so I'm still waiting for translations to reach those parts. :3;; (Or you know, I can write it and not post it until later... I should probably do that.)

Slice 8 of Cake was fairly... bittersweet. :'D;; (I really like writing Aldrizzt, ahhhhh. Maybe I should just write more of him in Invincible... That would probably make the story come along faster.) Aldrizzt's part in Cake is really... that of an observer, huh?

Slice 10 of Cake was fluffier, I hope. XD;; First time I'd written from Moon's POV! I imagine him a total, hopeless romantic.

When You Fall was written for Father's Day! :D So happy I made it in time~~~.

BIGGEST ACHIEVEMENT OF THE YEAR WAS THAT I FINALLY FINISHED BITTERSWEET SWEETNESS. I THOUGHT IT WOULD NEVER HAPPEN. Oh, how long I spent with you, bodyswapped Judgment and Sun! These two parts are really more like an epilogue~. I made sure I finished before leaving for Anime Expo. :'D See Lucathia, that wasn't that hard, right...

It really feels good to finish something. <3

My Friend, the Pope (in-training) Part 6 (Legend of Sun Knight, 2269 words)
Grace Chapter 3 (Legend of Sun Knight, 1303 words)
A Vice-Captain's Tale Suggestion #6 (Legend of Sun Knight, 1816 words)

I went to a convention near the beginning of the month, and kiyutsuna was off in a different country, so our weekly updates of Cake stopped here! (Ahhhhh.) Instead of my WIPs, I was working on a very secret fic for parallelsfic. For Kiyu. XD;; I did most of the writing for "so we can get to know you" in July, but I edited throughout the beginning of August.

Anyway, aside from that fic, I thought, "Hey Lucathia, now that you're done with Bittersweet Sweetness, you can finally focus on all those other fics you started!" So, I updated My Friend, the Pope (in-training), Grace, and A Vice-Captain's Tale...

For My Friend, the Pope (in-training), I do have another chapter written, but I'm sitting on it because this is definitely a chapter that comes way later. =x Chapter 6 wasn't the first time I'd written Chikus, but he didn't get any easier to write. XD (I find that I can't separate him very well from other hotheaded characters I write). Small time skip in Grace, otherwise I'd never finish that fic. (I finally wrote about Grace's profession!) I had to stop there because I can't for the life of me find my notes for Grace. A Vice-Captain's Tale Suggestion #6 featured Vice-Captain Leaf! He really has his job cut out for him. XD *ruffles his hair*

Thank You (oneshot) (Legend of Sun Knight, 839 words)
My Very Own Creature of Darkness Part 1 (Legend of Sun Knight, 1394 words)
A Change in Routine (oneshot) (Legend of Sun Knight, 570 words)
so we can get to know you chapter 1 (Legend of Sun Knight, 1181 words)
so we can get to know you chapter 2 (Legend of Sun Knight, 1337 words)
A Rose for Your Hair Part 4 (Legend of Sun Knight, 1356 words)

I wrote some short fics as thank you fics for people who pre-ordered Bittersweet Sweetness~~~. (Thank you so much!) First was a oneshot called "Thank You" (very aptly named, right) for aoi_nezumi. Second was My Very Own Creature of Darkness for fhaystshilffe based off of this drawing. ♥ Somehow after some Skype conversations, all of the 38th gen and even a bunch of characters not part of the 38th gen received names for their reincarnations. a;jsdf;asfd;f WHICH MEANT THIS WOULD TOTALLY GET WRITTEN AS A MULTI-CHAPTERED FIC. XD;; How could I not when all these scenes were already rolling around in my head... A Change in Routine is a short thank you fic for K~~. It's yet another idea that I would love to see, but I will leave it alone. (I really will, okay) Adair and Vidar swapping duties, eeeee~~~

After reveals over at Parallels, I started posting "so we can get to know you" over here in this journal as well. :D

And then I found myself a new job! \o\

My Very Own Creature of Darkness Part 2 (Legend of Sun Knight, 1679 words)
so we can get to know you chapter 3 (Legend of Sun Knight, 2011 words)
A Slice of Wedding Cake Slice 12 (Legend of Sun Knight, 3129 words)
so we can get to know you chapter 4 (Legend of Sun Knight, 1086 words)
My Very Own Creature of Darkness Part 3 (Legend of Sun Knight, 1663 words)
so we can get to know you chapter 5 (Legend of Sun Knight, 1826 words)
My Very Own Creature of Darkness Part 4 (Legend of Sun Knight, 1671 words)
Dishonest Honesty Part 1 (Discarded Version) (Legend of Sun Knight, 1425 words)
The Time of Ten Suns Part 2 (Legend of Sun Knight, 1594 words)
so we can get to know you (Legend of Sun Knight, 2075 words)
Dishonest Honesty Part 2 (Discarded Version) (Legend of Sun Knight, 1374 words)

It looks like I wrote a lot in September, but I didn't write as much as the list seems to imply, haha. The new things I wrote were My Very Own Creature of Darkness Part 2, 3, and 4 (which is, I suppose, a fast pace for the current me), A Slice of Wedding Cake Slice 12, and The Time of Ten Suns Part 2.

My Very Own Creature of Darkness, abbreviated as OCD by Kiyu, happened fairly quickly because of Kiyu's drawings, ahahaha. They are very awesome incentives. :3;;

Cake! I need to write more of Cake, ahhhh. Slice 12 was the last I'd written of Cake... Only three more chapters from me. (Come on Lucathia. The ball is in your court right now. You gotta send it back to Kiyu's side. Fast!! The end is so near!) Slice 12 is Neo's POV. I really felt lucky that I got to write Chasel, Aldrizzt, and Neo. The older generation are awesome. :3;;

(I bet no one will guess who the last POV from me will be for Slice 18. XD;;)

I continued The Time of Ten Suns! I had a sudden urge to continue it, and Kiyu really helped me figure things out~~. She even drew all ten of the Suns, ahhhhhhhh. Writing Elmairy is quite a change for me. Very refreshing. I'm in Grisia's head much too often. XD;; Blue(berry) is quite cute though, isn't he?

I cleaned up "so we can get to know you" and posted more of it, and I also posted the discarded version of Dishonest Honesty! It really doesn't go anywhere though, unfortunately, which is why it was discarded. :'D;

Dishonest Honesty Part 3 (Discarded Version) (Legend of Sun Knight, 1507 words)
so we can get to know you chapter 7 (Legend of Sun Knight, 1544 words)
The Time of Ten Suns Part 3 (Legend of Sun Knight, 2283 words)
so we can get to know you chapter 8 (Legend of Sun Knight, 1786 words)
My Very Own Creature of Darkness Part 5 (Legend of Sun Knight, 1733 words)
so we can get to know you chapter 9 (Legend of Sun Knight, 1691 words)
My Very Own Creature of Darkness Part 6 (Legend of Sun Knight, 1870 words)
so we can get to know you chapter 10 (end) (Legend of Sun Knight, 934 words)
It's Always You: Selfish and Foolish (oneshot) (Legend of Sun Knight, 1087 words)
It's Always You: Meanwhile... (oneshot) (Legend of Sun Knight, 680 words)

Wow, so many posts for October too. XD;; I finished posting so we can get to know you~~~. I fleshed out some scenes a bit more, so the final result was slightly longer than what I have up on Archive of Our Own. Yay, I finished a longfic about Roland~~. (I finished a fic, period.)

I haven't posted part 4 of the discarded version of Dishonest Honesty, have I? :3;; I realized it was less complete than I thought. :'D

I updated with another chapter of The Time of Ten Suns. Much fun to be had with that one. I was hoping it would be somewhat of a mystery for people, but I think many of you already have it figured out, ahahah. (A mystery writer I am not)

I wrote more of My Very Own Creature of Darkness, Part 5 and Part 6~~. It's much more... romantic(?) than the majority of my fics. :'D;;

I wrote a companion piece to Kiyu's fic "It's Always You: Nearest and Dearest." Lesus's side was called "It's Always You: Selfish and Foolish," and then we wrote the extra ficlet together. It was great fun. XD; A prequel to A Slice of Wedding Cake~~.

My Very Own Creature of Darkness Part 7 (Legend of Sun Knight, 2588 words)
My Very Own Creature of Darkness Part 8 (Legend of Sun Knight, 2790 words)
The Time of Ten Suns Part 4 (Legend of Sun Knight, 1885 words)

My word count died in November! Report cards have that effect... :'D I wrote two new parts for My Very Own Creature of Darkness... They're supposed to be Halloween specials, ahahaha, but I didn't get around to writing them until November. Because things were just too hectic. I updated with another part for The Time of Ten Suns~. Slowly revealing each of the Suns. :D

I still need to write the last part of the Halloween special for OCD. It's not even Halloween anymore. Or even autumn.

I was hoping to write 50k in November and finish off my yearly word count goal, but that clearly didn't happen. :3;;;

Illuminate My Path (oneshot) (Legend of Sun Knight, 1704 words)
Follow the Sign Part 3 (Legend of Sun Knight, 1472 words)
A Vice-Captain's Tale Suggestion #7 (Legend of Sun Knight, 2493 words)

I was off on vacation during the second half of December and needed to finish up translations before then, so that didn't give me much time to write. Just a oneshot about Lesus, an update for Follow the Sign (eeee~~~ Adair~~~~) and an update to A Vice-Captain's Tale.

The hardest out of these three to write was Illuminate My Path... Someone illuminate my path for me, OTL. Why is writing so hard.

This was the first year in recent years that I didn't participate in Yuletide! Feels so weird, but it was the right decision. I wouldn't have been a good recipient or writer with how my mind was off in Japan. :3;;

Total number of stories: 12 longfics (2 completed), ~11 oneshots. That's more oneshots than I thought!

Total word count: ~113,844 words. My goal was 150k! I'm happy I passed the 100k mark. :) Only around 35~36k more to go, ahhhh. And pretty much all of that 113k was LSK fic... Not even a longfic, but a bunch of fics. XD;;

Fandoms written in: All fics were Legend of Sun Knight except for 1 Haikyuu fic. :'D

Leitmotif(s) of the year: Selfishness? Self doubt? Protectiveness? Loss? I think those were fairly prominent in my fics this year. The oneshot I wrote for Lesus's POV of "It's Always You" pretty much sums it up. Selfish and Foolish.

Favorite fic: Bittersweet Sweetness. Favorite fic this year? You bet it's Bittersweet Sweetness. I like it because I finished it, finally. =P And it's not a bad ending? It's a cute ending, right? :'D;

Best fic: I'll have to say A Slice of Wedding Cake because turning crack into a somewhat serious fic and developing it to this extent is quite a feat, no? I like being in all these heads and fleshing out each character's background. :D

Most popular fic: Still My Friend, the Pope (in-training). Which really surprised me. I'd even written (before I started writing and posting this fic), that I didn't think it would be well received. :'D Well, color me surprised...

Most underappreciated fic: so we can get to know you. Maybe because the main character is Roland and not Grisia. Maybe because it's set after v8. Maybe because I'd posted the fic in its entirety right away. Maybe because this was just around the time that school is starting for everyone. I don't know what factors are involved, but this fic didn't get a big response (though I think in general, people are less vocal lately. I'm saaad. Don't drift away from LSK~~~). I'm quite proud of the fic though~~. Also, finished fics are automatically more loved by me. =P

Favorite first lines:

I know that the issue of who would wear the wedding dress is on everyone's minds, and believe me, it's on mine too, but before we can get around to that, I have to first tell you about all the changes in the Sun Knight Platoon and the Judgment Knight Platoon that the sudden marriage announcement brought about.
-A Slice of Wedding Cake, Slice 2. (This is one long first line, ahaha.)

My physique was not really good enough for a leotard, was it?
-A Vice-Captain's Tale, Suggestion #5 (Poor Tyler...)

If it weren't because my friends had dared me to touch the gravestones, I would never have set even one foot in the cemetery.
-My Very Own Creature of Darkness, Part 1

I never thought there would come a day that I would raid through my parents' closet looking for clothes that I could give a creature of darkness that had donned a human appearance.
-My Very Own Creature of Darkness, Part 3

OCD has fun first lines~.

Most fun fic: A Vice-Captain's Tale. It is a humor fic (teasing Tyler is a lot of fun), unlike most of my other fics. They're getting a bit melodramatic lately because of canon events.

Sexiest fic: My Very Own Creature of Darkness??? there's this extra scene I wrote for Kiyu does that count

Fic that shifted my own perceptions of the characters: Definitely A Slice of Wedding Cake! Got to flesh out all the characters a bit more! And entertain a bunch of different pairings. XD

New pairing/genre/fandom you never predicted writing in January: Pairing fic in general. Ceo/Roland especially.

Hardest fic to write: That would be Invincible. =x I need to reread 1/2 Prince... (I keep saying this OTL)

Biggest disappointment: Not finishing more fics. Only updating Invincible one time...

Biggest surprise: Co-writing a fic! And Ceo/Roland. Where did that come from. How did it become so huge. Where did all these other pairings come from. I'm writing pairing fic??? What in the world is happening?? XDDD

Also, finishing Bittersweet, ahaha. I nearly thought it would never happen.

Most telling fic: I'm actually not too sure. Probably Bittersweet Sweetness, since I spent so long with it.

What's next? My goal is once again 150k for 2015! Let's see if I can reach it this year! I did manage to write more than I hoped in 2014, so that's awesome~~. I was hoping I could at least post something once a month (I so did that) and that I would post during the summer months (I so did that too!). Now, finishing my stories, on the other hand, continues to be a problem. At least I finished Bittersweet Sweetness and so we can get to know you, so that's something. I even printed Bittersweet Sweetness. That's quite an awesome feeling.

I hope to finish some more fics this year in 2015, probably A Vice-Captain's Tale first, Fifteen Going on Sixty, and A Slice of Wedding Cake. It would be (beyond) awesome to be able to print another book!

Meanwhile, I'll continue to rotate through my stories, and I hope that I haven't confused everyone with how random the stories are and how randomly I update (sometimes a year later for some of these fics...).

I'm still full of ideas for LSK fic, but I feel like I've written so much of just LSK in 2014 that it might be time for a change. I nearly feel like I'm spamming everyone. :'D;;; We'll see... (Still have to finish those WIPs)

I would like to try my hand at a mystery/thriller, but it's out of my forte. XD (and slow updates really don't work well with fics like that. They really need momentum!)
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