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Key of the Sunken Moon

Key of the Sunken Moon pics! I bought all of the first series and the side stories. I'll probably start buying the 2nd series sometime. There are 2 volumes of that out so far. I finished reading the whole series plus the side stories~~

KSM is 11 volumes in all, plus 3 volumes and an extra volume of side stories. V1 is on the upper left. The art of KSM is very pretty and dynamic! The colors are a bit washed out because I batch adjusted these pics I took under terrible lighting (ahaha) but the actual color is actually quite vibrant. After I read the series, I finally knew all the characters in the KSM artbook I bought. And the comic finally made sense to me too. XD

V1: Luo Shi and Fan Tong.
V2: Yin Shi and Ling Shi.

V3: Yamete, Ie, and Ojisan.
V4: Wei Shi and Yin Shi(?).

V5: Fan Tong and Yui Tui.

V6: Hui Shi and Luo Shi(?). Not too sure about the character in the back.
V7: Yue Tui.

V8: Fan Tong and Puhahaha.
V9: Yui Tui and 那爾西 (Naerxi)

V10: Tian Luo Yan and Ling Shi.
V11: Fan Tong and Hui Shi.

The backcovers!

V1: Yue Tui.
V2: Fan Tong.

V3: Bi Rou.
V4: Zhu Sha.

V5: Luo Shi.

V6: Yin Shi.
V7: Ling Shi.

V8: Ie.
V9: Naerxi.

V10: Xi Ying.
V11: Puhahaha.

The side stories. There are 3 volumes, plus another short one that comes after.

I also bought some bookmarks, but I've already misplaced Yin Shi, oops. The other characters were all sold out. So, I only have Luo Shi and Ling Shi at the moment. I didn't know the other characters too well at the time, or else I'd have bought some characters from the Western City too.

Side Volume 1: Naerxi and Hui Shi.
Side Volume 2: Yin Shi, Xi Ying, and Ling Shi.

Side Volume 3: Yue Tui (all grown up looking!), Fan Tong, and Luo Shi.
Side side story: a bunch of characters XD

Back covers!
Side Volume 1: Hui Shi.
Side Volume 2: Chen Yue.
Side Volume 3: Wei Shi.

Now for the insert illustrations from each volume. Spoilers, of course! Proceed at your own risk.

Volume 1:

I love that there's a colored insert illustration in every volume~. I had no clue about these characters during my first read. It's much more interesting looking back on this illustration after reading a few volumes. All the lords of Eastern City, plus the queen. With Fan Tong in the back.

Yue Tui in the revival pond. During my first read, I didn't pay him much attention. Things made a lot of sense after V5~6, and then I reread this scene again. XD

Luo Shi treating Fan Tong to a meal. Their friendship is quite cute. Luo Shi was cute at that age. I was amused by how Fan Tong ended up hanging around all these important people.

Yue Tui easily beating up the classmates when they ganged up on him. Now that I think about it, those classmates came out of that quite lightly, haha.

Zhu Sha's introduction. What a way to be introduced, Zhu Sha!

The queen, Xi Ying, Luo Shi, Yin Shi, and Ling Shi. I got really bored during this scene, but maybe I should reread now I know the characters and their backstories better. :3

Volume 2:

Aw, a cute scene between Luo Shi and Hui Shi, with Wei Shi lurking in the background.

The public think of Ling Shi and Yin Shi as a couple since Ling Shi is always looking after him and helping him fix his clothes. XD

Yui Tui healing Fan Tong. At the time, I completely thought he was just using some Western brand of healing.

Fan Tong buying Puhahaha, his awesome weapon! XD (I was hoping he would use Puhahaha as a calligraphy brush, but man, Puhahaha would never let him do that, huh?)

Zhu Sha and Yue Tui. Yui Tui is scared out of his wits. XD

Wei Shi and a kitty. Wei Shi is actually kind of cute...

Volume 3:

New Years party. Luo Shi, Yin Shi, Bi Rou, Fan Tong, Yue Tui, and Ling Shi.

The Western City come to crash the chicken hunting party. XD;; I didn't care about the characters from the west at the time, but now I do~. And now it makes sense how Ling Shi was able to block that. /a lot of things make sense later on

Luo Shi, Yin Shi, and Fan Tong.

Poor Yamete painstakingly gave Naerxi the pillow of chicken feathers only to have him scatter the feathers.

At the end of the year party, Bi Rou told everyone that it's a tradition to kiss the person you're exchanging gifts with. :'D;;

Fan Tong gave Yue Tui a kaleidoscope. Ahhhh, cuties! It's cute how much Yui Tui treasures it. It's also very apt for him to receive something bursting in color when his world used to be pitch black.

Volume 4:

Yin Shi and Ling Shi.

Their fortunes are all pretty bad, but Yue Tui's is the scariest!

Wei Shi versus Yin Shi. Poor Wei Shi couldn't do a thing while Yin Shi kept pick pocketing him. It wasn't a match at all. =x

Go Fan Tong~~. Show everyone your prowess! I love seeing Fan Tong get stronger! And I love the creative ways he tries to get past his curse so he can fight. I wish they had been able to get through the entire tournament.

:'D;; Yue Tui... When Fan Tong was finally able to tell Yue Tui about the curse regarding his speech, Yue Tui was so shocked that he had to reevaluate all the conversations he had with Fan Tong in the past! al;sdjkf;asdf YUE TUI. There's no need to be so sensitive about it! Fan Tong won't mind!

If only they hadn't separated. If only Fan Tong didn't get abducted. :'D;; Yui Tui, you can be very scary!

And then V4 ended in a cliffhanger.

Volume 5:

Naerxi and Ojisan.

Yin Shi saves the day. My appreciation points for him really rose during this part. Go Yin Shi~. And he really did manage to save Yue Tui from being executed.

This scene was the cutest, Fan Tong and Yue Tui practicing writing on Fan Tong's bed. XDD;;; That really isn't a great place to practice writing, Yue Tui!

Ling Shi wanting to go through Fan Tong's memories to see how Yin Shi got hurt. Ling Shi, you're really scary!

Yue Tui sneaking off to see Naerxi and Tian Luo Yan at the camp. What must Yui Tui be feeling then?

Flashback to Luo Shi and Hui Shi. Hui Shi was a good older brother to Luo Shi~. I wonder if Luo Shi still has that stuffed animal?

Volume 6:

Luo Shi, Fan Tong, and Yue Tui.

Naerxi. I felt he was all powerful, but in comparison to Yue Tui... nope, not at all.

On one of their little kitten hunts, they capture a huge black bird that can change sizes at will. XD Bi Rou takes the bird in as a pet.

Look at his smug look!

Luo Shi!!! DDDD: But when his mother refused to heal him, my very next thought was, "Has to be Yui Tui, right? Yui Tui will do it!" And yup.

The past.

Volume 7:

The escape! The bird came in use very quickly. XD

Naerxi, Ojisan, and Yamete.

All hell breaks loose at the camp.

Aw, Wei Shi comforting Luo Shi.

Fan Tong and Zhu Sha decide to break in to save Yue Tui. (Yue Tui, how did you get yourself imprisoned two times already...)

Xi Ying.

Yin Shi blocking the way.

Lots of shocking revelations in this book, and a sudden change in setting, plus a whole new cast!

Volume 8:

Now we are off to the Western City. Yamete, Ojisan, Bi Rou, Ie, Tian Luo Yan, Yue Tui, Naerxi. I think, Puhahaha in the back. Suddenly, a lot of blonds. XD

Ling Shi and Yin Shi.

Puhahaha! Always so sleepy. XD

Yue Tui and Naerxi.

Zhu Sha and Yue Tui. Yue Tui actually almost caved for once? They don't make a bad couple, but Yue Tui was never comfortable with it. I wonder why... both Bi Rou and Tian Luo Yan are female! It's not like he hasn't interacted with any females at all. Or is it that he's being pursued? Or that he never saw Bi Rou and Tian Luo Yan as female?

Naerxi mocking Bi Rou. :'D;

Volume 9:

Hui Shi and Naerxi.

You go, Yue Tui~~

Puhahaha is cuteness.

Hui Shui and Fan Tong.

Yin Shi and Xi Ying.

Yue Tui and Naerxi. Their relationship is hard to describe.

Volume 10:

Yin Shi and Hui Shi.

Hui Shi and young Yue Tui.

Yue Tui giving Naerxi flowers. :'D;; (I laughed so hard)

Yui Tui, Naerxi, Ie, and Yamete getting punched.

The opposition. How things have flipped!

Scary. XD;

Volume 11:

The conclusion!! Fan Tong looking cool~~. Emperor Yue Tui and Queen Xi Ying, plus Puhahaha and Chen Yue.

Xi Ying.

Fan Tong vs Luo Shi. Loved this fight!

Fan Tong saving Naerxi. Fan Tong, you're looking all ikemen here. And whoa, that's one soft look on your face, Naerxi!

The ending~~

Aaaaand the final pic.

Side Volume 1:

Naerxi, Hui Shi, and Fan Tong. You might as well call this "Hui Shi's side story." It's all about Hui Shi in this volume. XD; Aaand Naerxi getting a pet.

Hui Shi comes back to life! He spends one day with each person to say his goodbyes since he knows he will disappear in 5 days (that is, until Fan Tong thinks of a solution)

Hui Shi and Yin Shi playing around in Ling Shi's room. (some game called Seaweed?)

Puhahaha and Chen Yue, sleeping.

Hui Shi, all back to life! He takes up his old name but a new position in the Western City.

Naerxi's cute bird. XD

Side Volume 2:

Ling Shi, Xi Ying, and Yin Shi. I didn't really care about Xi Ying, but I grew to like the side stories about her past and how Ling Shi and Yin Shi thought about her.

(Who's the guy on the left? /no recollection of this image)

I loved this part of the story that detailed Fan Tong's time back in his world. He had to go attend a reunion with his classmates. He even told them about the afterlife he went to, and another one of his classmates had been there too. What a coincidence~~. Those classmates of his were pretty fun. I wonder if we'll ever see them again? Fan Tong looks sharp in a suit~.

He does look different though, without his bandanna.

Xi Ying and Ling Shi's side story. I felt really sad for both of them. The closer they got, the harder it became.

Chen Yue and Xi Ying.

Side Volume 3:

Group pic~~~~. What a lively new years party!

I laughed really hard in these scenes where Yue Tui came back older from a bad revival and kept freaking out about how he looked too much like Naerxi (and he even wanted to punch the mirror...). Yue Tui, you never got over it huh... I thought it would be a temporary thing, but I think he's aged up permanently now? Or maybe he just hasn't died again.

Naerxi smiling, and everyone teasing him over it! :'D; It was all because of the joke that Fan Tong cracked~

Fan Tong vs. Yue Tui. XD; Don't kill your friend, Yue Tui!

Puhahaha giving a gift to Naerxi. Poor Naerxi got left out. :'D;


Side Volume Extra:

I'm still reading this volume! It's not very long. It details Fan Tong's work as a substitute lord of Eastern City. In this particular side story, he's going around giving a tour of Eastern City and Western City along with Hui Shi.

Here's the backcover.

These drawings were included in color in the artbook. First, they show an overview of Eastern City while flying in the air.

Then, they visited Room 444.

Getting their fortunes.

Watching Wei Shi work.

Zhu Sha. I find it sad that he's not in the story much anymore.

At Western City.

Naerxi's cute bird.

Naerxi and Ojisan.

Ie vs Yue Tui.

Hui Shi, Chen Yue, and Puhahaha.
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