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2015 in fic

Happy New Year to all!

This will be a fairly short post this time, considering how little I wrote in 2015. 2015 has not been a writing year. :') I kind of fell out of the habit of writing. Let's see if I can get myself back in the mindset.

(Previous years: 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006)

A Slice of Wedding Cake Slice 14 (Legend of Sun Knight, 3956 words)

And so begins my terrible update speeds, one update in January! It was also Kiyu and my only update for Cake in 2015. We still hope to be able to finish the fic. :') It is scheduled to be 19 chapters in all, and we know exactly how the story will end. I myself only have 2 more chapters to write, Slice 16 and Slice 18.

Fifteen Going on Sixty (Going on Fifteen) Part 4 (Legend of Sun Knight, 1671 words)
A Vice-Captain's Tale Suggestion #8 (Legend of Sun Knight, 3395 words)
Fifteen Going on Sixty (Going on Fifteen) Part 5 (Legend of Sun Knight, 1961 words)

Hey, not a bad turnout for February! I tried very hard to finish Fifteen Going on Sixty, which resulted in two updates, but as of yet, the fic is still not completed. But since V8 is completely translated now, I can finish the story without worrying about spoiling people anymore. \o\

I did not expect that a chapter from A Vice-Captain's Tale could turn out so long. What happened... D:

Drink Me Under Part 1 (Legend of Sun Knight, 1168 words)
Drink Me Under Part 2 (end) (Legend of Sun Knight, 2327 words)
Beyond the Storm Comes Sunlight Part 1 (Legend of Sun Knight, 1299 words)

The month of oneshots. Grisia getting drunk was an idea Kiyu and I had been tossing around in uh... 2014. I finally got around to writing it. XD It turned out a bit like Long Live the Sun Knight, in which all that happened was Lesus and Grisia talking about what had happened. I guess I just really like writing them talking to each other. >__> I was very happy that I was able to finish the fic. :')

Beyond the Storm Comes Sunlight is a fic that has gone through many revisions... and is a oneshot. In which I never posted the second half. OTL Must do that sometime this year. Hopefully.

Invincible, that is the Legend Chapter 11 (1/2 Prince x Legend of Sun Knight, 3802 words)
No Sweeter Words (oneshot) (Legend of Sun Knight, 1982 words)

Invincible slowly plods along...! I've tried to stick to one POV per chapter, but with how stuck I was, I let three different characters speak in this chapter. It turned out...okay? The next chapter has been gathering dust and probably needs a rewrite.

No Sweeter Words was a oneshot I wrote for Blueberry Pie day~~. I was just so amused that April 28 is blueberry pie day. Writing young Roland and Grisia was quite fun. They were so cute...

My Friend, the Pope (in-training) Part 7 (Legend of Sun Knight, 1940 words)

A much needed update for My Friend, the Pope, starring our very adorable Ice Knight.

In which I finished writing nothing. I was busy making my Sun cosplay. :3;;

Grace Chapter 4 (Legend of Sun Knight, 1364 words)
Dage's Illegitimate Child Part 1 (Dominion's End, 1184 words)

I found my notes for Grace, so I attempted to update it~~. I'm not fond of how I started the fic though, and the scope is more ambitious than I think I'm capable of writing. What to do...

Gasp! I wrote something that's not LSK. It was just a very reactionary story right after reading Dominion's End v3. I still haven't written Part 2, and now Volume 4 is about to be released already. XD; Yu Wo is fast with DE!

My Friend, the Pope (in-training) Part 8 (Legend of Sun Knight, 2773 words)

Another update to My Friend, the Pope~~ I really like writing Georgo.

Follow the Sign Part 4 (Legend of Sun Knight, 1179 words)
The Time of Ten Suns Part 5 (Legend of Sun Knight, 1443 words)

Follow the Sign was supposed to be a quick fic (yeah who was I kidding) but is now no longer a quick fic. I mapped out all the different series Adair will be visiting. He's still stuck in No Hero at the moment though. Maybe he'll be stuck there for another year...

The Time of Ten Suns is sort of a mystery, but I really fail at mysteries, and there's no mystery at all when updates are so slow. :'D I do love writing all the different Suns though, as confusing as it is to have so many of them in the same scene.

The Audition (oneshot) (Legend of Sun Knight, 541 words)
Dishonest Honesty Part 4 (Legend of Sun Knight)
My Very Own Creature of Darkness Part 9 (Legend of Sun Knight, 2130 words)

Had a random LSK dream that I wrote a drabble about. It was a bizarre dream. I also tossed up what I had of the discarded Dishonest Honesty. Thank goodness I never actually decided to start the fic! I updated My Very Own Creature of Darkness as a Halloween celebration~

And that was sadly my last fic update of the year! I posted nothing new in November and December. 0___0;;

Total number of stories: 5 oneshots (2 incomplete...), 9 longfics updated

Total word count: ~35028 words. Quite far from 150k, the goal I set every year that I've yet to reach. 120k was the closest I'd ever gotten, which was in 2011.

Fandoms written in: Pretty much all LSK again. One surprise Dominion's End fic.

Leitmotif(s) of the year: Eh, friendship and family, I suppose. Not sure I wrote enough to say.

Favorite fic: No Sweeter Words. It makes me happy when I reread it. :'D; Though it's also a little bittersweet knowing what happens later, but in any case, it's a cute story.

Best fic: Is there one? D: I did like what I wrote of Elmairy in A Slice of Wedding Cake Slice 14. Got to explore his romance with Ann.

Most popular fic: Probably still My Friend, the Pope (in-training).

Most underappreciated fic: Nothing really. I think the stories were received exactly like how I thought they'd be. But I hope even when I don't write about the main characters, people will still want to read the stories.

Favorite first lines:
"You have been looking for me."
-Follow the Sign 4

Most fun fic: Drink Me Under. In which I attempted to write a humorous story that mostly stayed humorous.

Sexiest fic: Drink Me Under????

Fic that shifted my own perceptions of the characters: A Vice-Captain's Tale helped me develop the vice-captains.

New pairing/genre/fandom you never predicted writing in January: Dominion's End fic. Not sure if I'll write more.

Hardest fic to write: Everything. DDDDD:

Biggest disappointment: Low word count! And not finishing any longfics. OTL

Biggest surprise: I think I updated Death by Sea with a bunch of discarded stuff more than I updated anything else. :'D

Most telling fic: Any, I think. I'll randomly pick out No Sweeter Words though, because it's cavity-inducing with a hint of bittersweet, and people keep saying "Thank you" in them. I've been throwing that phrase around a lot...

What's next? For the nth year, I shall strive to reach the very elusive 150k and write at least one thing each month. Please pray for my success. Depending on my schedule, I also hope I can participate in either parallelsfic and/or yuletide again.

Many thanks for all the support and comments to these stories despite my terrible update speeds! :')
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