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[Legend of Sun Knight] fic: Going, Going, Gone (oneshot)

Title: Going, Going, Gone
Fandom: The Legend of Sun Knight
Words: 1,219
Summary: A little girl bids on Grisia for a charity date auction.
Notes: I wrote a very random ficlet for the Alphabet Challenge over at getyourwordsout. The challenge is to write a story, scene, or poem that begins each line with every letter of the alphabet. My starting and ending letter is G. So, it goes from G->H->I->L, etc etc, until I come back to G. This is a 27 sentence ficlet. XD

Going, Going, Gone

"Going once, going twice, sold for five hundred gold ducats to the Kingdom of Moon Orchid's third princess, Princess Allie!

Having no other choice, I plastered on a benevolent smile even as my time was sold to a little girl, of all people, who I rather doubted had the money to back her bid, but if she did, it meant FIVE hundred gold ducats; however....

I am the Sun Knight, the leader of the Holy Temple, not a cradle-robber!

Just so we're all clear, the true cradle-robber is the Son of the God of War, the one whose intended wife is the very princess who, for some unfathomable reason, had bid on me to accompany her for a week, when surely no one had thought that little girls would bid in a charity dating auction proposed by the Pope.

Knowing not what was in store for me, I left the stage to a smattering of applause and quiet lamenting from housewives having lost the bid to a little girl, though I was rather grateful that a man had not won "quality dating time" with me, unlike what had happened with Roland.

Locating Roland, I could only offer him a moment of silence for having been won by Illu, who, when I think about it, wasn't really a man either but an undead creature, one which was followed closely by a rather peeved Tyler who hadn't been able to accumulate enough ducats even with the help of the rest of the loyal Hell Knight Platoon.

More importantly, could Illu have absconded with treasures from the Demon King's very own stash, or how else would he have been able to win the auction?!

Never mind them now, as I had a little girl to meet, my destiny way too connected with little girls yet again, which I had enough of to last me a lifetime.

Over by the side stood Princess Allie, who had a hint of Alice's beauty and Ann's liveliness, but what really shone through for her was her plump cheeks which made her a lot more endearing than her sisters.

"Princess Allie, how may Sun share the benevolence of the God of Light with you this fair week?" I asked.

"Quit speaking in such a manner, for one, unless you teach me how to speak just like you!" she immediately retorted while she counted out the ducats one by one, presenting the unbelievable amount of two hundred fifty glittering gold ducats to the clerics playing auctioneer under the Pope's lead, with the other half to be paid after the week ended.

Raising my eyebrows, I reconsidered what she might have planned for me, and that perhaps there was more to her than merely being the third princess of the Kingdom of Moon Orchid and the Son of the God of War's third choice bride.

"Shameless and despicable, that's what my sisters and even Princess Jasmine calls you," she said once I escorted her by the arm away from the auction, "and I want to learn from someone who can best even them."

Teleporting us away from the giggles of the likes of Earth and Metal and the murderous gaze of the Son of the God of War, I brought us closer to the guest residences of our visiting neighboring royalty, to the delight of Princess Allie at the show of my magic, which she had heard plenty about from her sisters.

Under her insistence, and with the enticement of a hefty two hundred fifty gold ducats payment, I took her on as an unofficial apprentice for a week, with an additional promise from her that she would wed her future daughter with one of the future Twelve Holy Knights, or for them to become blood brothers if she so happened to have a boy.

Very well, she is only a child herself, and thus this is way ahead of the game, but it's never too early to plan, especially when she's related to the drop dead gorgeous Princess Alice, and her future husband, the Son of the God of War is not so bad looking himself either!

Well, this would mean that there would be one less unfortunate holy knight brother who would have to worry about forever being a church hermit with no prospects in the future.

"XII, the twelfth rule of the way of the shameless, never act against an opponent stronger than you unless you have a 200% chance of victory," I imparted my wisdom to the fervent nodding of Princess Allie, who had been such a good apprentice this past week.

Yesterday, I even finally finished teaching her how to speak in convoluted ways without really saying anything, the very first lesson she had wished to learn from me to annoy her sisters, a rather harmless lesson.

Zealous though she was, there were still secrets I could not impart to an outsider, such as the secret behind the Sun Knight's whitening facials, which had only earned me the most devastating pout, as she would certainly have been the envy of her sister Alice if she had learned it.

"Allie, it was Sun's honor to have spent time with you this past week, thanks to the God of Light's everlasting benevolence, and Sun is truly blessed by the God of Light to have made a new comrade with one of royalty such as the esteemed Princess Allie," I said as we took to the stage to make our farewells as a wrap up to the week.

"Big brother Sun, Allie will forever remember this delightful, enlightening week seen to by the God of War's might, and Allie wishes to echo big brother Sun's sentiment of being blessed, as surely it is the God of War's favor that has allowed Allie such a good friend as the revered Sun Knight," Allie replied so well that I could have hugged her, but instead, I knelt down as a holy knight would and held her hand with a smile, with one hand held against my heart.

Cue dropped jaws from all around us at our headache-inducing conversation and clenched fists from the Son of the God of War for "corrupting" his future bride.

"Do you think we'll meet again?" Allie asked in a whisper, amused by the attention we were garnering as she counted the remaining two hundred fifty gold ducats that I had only just learned had supposedly been part of her dowry, which was no wonder the Son of the God of War was pissed beyond pissed.

"Expect it to be a given," I answered, especially when it came time for her to fulfill her promise, "but before that, would Princess Allie be willing to explain to Sun why you would be willing to part with five hundred gold ducats for a week of Sun's time?"

Flattered though I was even as I ignored all the whispers of "cradle-robber" from the other Twelve Holy Knights, five hundred gold ducats was no small sum for a little girl who merely wished to annoy her older sisters, but she soon elucidated the matter by leaning in close to whisper, "I heard that that was the sum offered to buy a unicorn, and I've always wanted a wish granting unicorn!"

God of Light, dammit, I'm not a unicorn!

the end

Well, that was an interesting exercise. I can't believe how long some of the paragraphs are, hahahaha. They're all only one sentence. Supposedly. With questionable grammar. The letter X gave me the hardest time. Can you believe that this is over 1k with only 27 sentences?

I wonder who landed the other holy knights for their "dates"? XD
Tags: fic type: oneshots, fic: going going gone, the legend of sun knight, writing community: getyourwordsout
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