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Whole New World Challenge

Writing communities~. This one is an AU challenge from [community profile] whole_new_world. :D

[community profile] tic_tac_woe also looks interesting. Mini bingo challenge with end of the world prompts. If I ever manage to finish this AU challenge (signed up with Legend of Sun Knight), I might want to try the Tic Tac Woe challenge next.

Alternate Reality/Changing Canon

001.Alternate Showdown 002.Alternate Romance 003.Altered Past 004.Altered Core Values 005.Absence of Pivotal Character
006.Fork in the Road and/or Wrong Turn 007.Dead Character(s) Alive 008.New Skill 009.Bad Decision 010.Memory Loss
011.Power Loss 012.Apocalypse, or Threat of 013.Ignored Advice 014.Fix the Past 015.Never Found

Cleaned up the tags a bit on DW. Multilevel tags! o/ Though now they won't match the LJ ones...

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