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Fanime, merchandise and cosplay

More on Fanime, starting with the rest of the stuff I bought~. Quite a shopping trip this year. XD

Arslan Senki poster was from Friday's swap meet~

I couldn't believe there were actually Phoenix and Edgeworth plushies at Fanime. This was the only booth that had them! I've always wanted one. :D Also got myself another Maya charm.

A super cute Kaitou Kid and a Koro-sensei! Koro-sensei comes with straps, so he can be worn on the back. I got him on the final day, after I'd already cosplayed Kayano. But I might bring him to AX if I cosplay Kayano again there.

Have another close up of Kid. He is adorable. :DDDDDDD I only saw him at one booth on the first day, so I bought him from there. HAD to get him, even though he's a bit pricey. I saw him at another booth on the last day (took a photo as evidence, lol) but I decided not to ask about the price. XD;; Let's keep myself in the dark.

A Detective Conan bag! I'm very much in a Detective Conan mood lately, even more than usual, so it was great seeing Conan stuff at Fanime. Got myself some cute charms of Shinah from Akatsuki no Yona, Kaitou Kid, Conan, Chat Noir, Ladybug, and Mika from Owari no Seraph. I'd bought from that particular artist (the one who did the three charms to the left) last year at Anime Expo, and I couldn't quite remember if I was buying any repeats. So I switched Yoon for Shinah... but it turns out I haven't bought Yoon!!!! Maybe at AX...

More Kaitou Kid. :DDDD Plus an alpaca. I was deciding between a medium sized one, a huge one, and this one... The huge one wasn't much more expensive, but the problem is space... Where would I have the space for it? But still, I wonder... Maybe I should have bought the huge alpaca, haha.

Artbooks I bought~. Very happy to get the Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn artbook now that it's out. Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn, after so many years, you finally get your own artbooks! I also got myself the artbook for Gyakuten Saiban 6, even though I don't... quite... remember if I've bought it already or not. (Yes, accidentally buying repeats is a constant problem.) I think I haven't. Because it was out of stock at my bookstore and I hadn't gone out of my way to order it. There were also two other Gyakuten Saiban books I was eyeing at Fanime, but one looks to be more of a compilation of art, while one is a guidebook. I think I've seen most of the art in the individual artbooks already. Still, a nice compilation for GS's 15th anniversary. I might get it eventually.

A huge Yu Yu Hakusho mousepad from Artist Alley! The art is so cool. *___* Everyone is super cool in this. Though... it's so huge that I can't really fit it on my table. :'D Well, I guess I could, but my keyboard would cover Yusuke and Kuwabara's faces... The artist had a deal for buying two mousepads. My brother ended up getting the same one for both of us since we're both huge fans of YYH, and this drawing is super cool.

I find it very cool that Fanime has official photographers. :D They've also already uploaded photos! Here are some that I was in.

Re:Zero gathering on Friday
All I can say is that the photographers pretty much asked the cosplayers to do the dab at every gathering I went to. I was the Emilia on the right.

Shounen Jump Sunday Gathering
I was Kayano on Sunday, and I was very much hoping there would be a Koro-sensei around. There was! *____*

Shounen Jump girls beating Mineta from My Hero Academia. A specific request. XD;;

The albums have a ton of pictures from all the gatherings, if anyone's interested in what cosplays there were at Fanime this year. o/

Perhaps my favorite picture of the weekend, lol. Caught myself a Koro-sensei! Can't kill him, but I can at least capture him on camera! I saw Koro-sensei when I was crossing the street too (don't know if that one was the same one) but Koro-sensei was too fast for me to catch then.

I wore Sun again and gave the Divine Sun Sword a new layer of paint~. The Divine Sun Sword still isn't complete... I have the details to add, but this might be its final form. I also have a scabbard this time, but it's on the opposite side. No one recognized me, but several did compliment the outfit. :') (Well, there was a moment when someone said hi and seemed like they knew me or something... and then walked away... Sorry, I was busy eating...) The side of the convention where the trees are has been turned into a cosplay zone, with photographers snapping pictures the entire time. I snagged myself part of the wall for a few seconds to get this pic.

It isn't very comfortable at all to be walking around with a sword and scabbard. (You know what, Sun, you should just leave the sword...) How do people even sit down... I guess it would work better if the scabbard was actually, you know, easily removable from my belt. Lol.

And last of all Emilia, who I actually cosplayed first on Friday. I don't have a single pic of me at the con myself, so have a pic from home. It felt very drafty wearing this. I think I'm more comfortable cosplaying guys, haha, or at least, characters who don't have much of a bust, lol. (How even?) I mostly cosplayed Emilia because I wanted some use of my elf ears that I bought a long time ago to cosplay Prince, who I never did cosplay. I got to wear them as Charles and now Emilia, so I'd say I've gotten my money's worth~. Re:Zero sure has a lot of characters with the missing shoulder sleeve fashion. It's really made me pay attention to that kind of clothes. Was surprised to see that people actually do wear those kinds of sleeves.

I don't have any new cosplay in mind, so I might bring the same cosplays to AX. Maybe mostly Kayano, since she's the easiest to move around in. =x If I were to do a new cosplay, I'd probably do a Fire Emblem one, like Lilina, but man, her hat... I don't want to go around with such a huge hat, so probably not. (And what do you know, Lilina's art in Heroes does the shoulder sleeve thing too. Her old art didn't. XD;;; Noo to exposed shoulders!)

I might do another post with cosplay pics of other people and some thoughts on events I went to. If I get around to it.

BTW, I went to see Guardians of the Galaxy v2 yesterday, and let me tell you, I cried buckets. ;__; (I'm quite pleased to see many Yondu fics crop up in the fandom though. All my feels.)

I've changed my layout on livejournal because I can no longer make changes to what the comment links look like with my account level, so I ended up with a lot of broken images with that layout. This one is clean enough, I suppose, though it also means that commenting will bring you to livejournal's default pages. Boo. Oh well, it's functional, if not pretty.

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