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Spring 2017 Anime

So, I went to Anime Expo and am back already, with a Yosemite trip thrown in right after~. Now I feel like my summer is truly starting. XD But, it looks like pictures from Photobucket got broken while I was away. They've changed their service to make linking on third-party sites prohibited unless you upgrade. I thought, maybe I will upgrade my account if it doesn't cost too much.

...Turns out, it costs $300 per year to make third-party linking available. OTL

So yeah. I've uploaded my photos somewhere else, but only the 2016-2017 photos when I started using photobucket again. For a good period before that, I was using Picasa, and then before before that, it was photobucket, but I don't think I'll be reuploading all those photos. I hope Dreamwidth's own image service will be upgraded in the future for better utility and storage. It'd sure make things easier!

Some Spring 2017 anime I finished watching:

Shingeki no Kyojin season 2
I wasn't up-to-date with the manga, but when the second season started, I went and read all of the manga up to the current chapter. XD; Glad to finally get some answers. The current chapters aren't all that interesting to me though, with the focus shift. I'm waiting for different characters to get the spotlight. Anyway, the anime. Love the opening song. Felt chills when Erwin shouted "Shinzou wo sasageyo!" in one of the episodes. Eyes grew a bit misty when Ymir's backstory was shown. Waiting for more!

Natsume Yuujinchou Roku
Ahhh, Natsume. Still such a touching story. This time, the story even started with Natsume getting shrunk! XD Deaging to such a distrustful age. It really shows how much he's changed and just how good Touko-san and everyone else is for him. I enjoyed Natori's parts a lot. Go Natori~. (So... sparkly... XD;;) Also loved the episode that focused on Natsume's friends and their reactions and first meetings with Natsume. (Outsider POVs FTW) It really showed how strange things look from the other side. Also... does Natsume return even one name in Roku? I think he didn't...

Yowamushi Pedal New Generation
Oh man, this new season is amazing for Teshima Junta fans like me. XDDDD He gets a ton of the spotlight! Perm-senpai!! Not only that, both he and Aoyagi totally got make overs. (Now they have sparkly hair and much larger eyes than what they had in season one, hahaha. Junta's hair was totally black in season 1, while it's kind of purple now. XD; Total main character status. You gotta have hair that stands out.) Final two episodes made me cheer for him so hard, and that last episode, oh man. Props to you, Teshima Junta. You made me even more of a fan. So much that I was determined to cosplay him at Anime Expo. XD I've entertained the idea before, since I really like the look he sports when he ties his hair in a ponytail. ♥ (That, and I wanted a cosplay I wouldn't overheat in)

Kenka Banchou Otome: Girl Beats Boys
This series is so short! The episodes are only 7 minutes or so. But such a fun series. The intro song fits great, and I like how scenes are shown during it. I like how "Hikaru" basically solves all her problems through beating the other party up. XD The series definitely stayed true to its premise of being about becoming the top honcho, even when you're a crossdressing girl attending an all boys school. XD This makes me really want to play the game.

Starmyu 2nd season
It was a bit difficult for me to follow all the different characters. By the end, I still didn't know a lot of the characters from the other groups outside of their mains... Ageha though. I didn't like him much, but he ended up being pretty cute, hahaha. Anyway, what I was waiting for was some acknowledgement/closure between Hoshitani and Ootori-senpai, and boy did it deliver there. :D I loved that we got to see so much of the play. Great climax there~. My favorite song from the season was actually Chinmoku no Dialogue, even though we never get a full version of the song. XD;

Kado: The Right Answer
This anime started off with a bang even though it was just people sitting around and talking. Moral dilemmas, tough choices to make, adult characters using the power of negotiation! (Also, Yaha-kui zaShunina is quite the cute anisotropic. Loved the voice acting for him!) Shindou was a great main character too. I like the soundtrack a lot. But the ending... just what? :'D Overall, I thought the CG animation wasn't too jarring, but the non CG animation in episode zero sure was nice. (Also, the plot in episode zero was my favorite out of the entire series, hahaha, and I did like it when the crew from there was tied in with the story again. I would totally watch an entire series of Shindou going around and negotiating)

Man, I have a backlog of conventions to post about. I've fallen out of the habit of timely blogging, pfft. Anyway, hoping I'll get around to posting about these cons. I'm very much hoping it'll happen.

♥ Anime Expo 2016 (a retrospective by now XDD)
♥ Anime Revolution 2016 (also a retrospective by now haha)
Fanime 2017 (the events and some more cosplay pics)
♥ Anime Expo 2017

I might attend a day or two of Crunchyroll Expo next month. Hope they announce more guests~~. Also, Dominion's End v5 was released! I've ordered my copy, but I won't get it until August.

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