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Trope meme, some anime I've been watching, and seasonal Soren

Ultimate Fanfic Trope Showdown from ellimists. (Thanks [personal profile] suzume!)

My results:

1. Body Swapping
2. Found Families
3. Amnesia Fic
4. Groundhog Day/Karmic Time Loop
5. Loyalty Kink
6. Magical Connection (Telepathy, etc)
7. Fake Dating/Fake Marriage Accidentally Turns Into Feelings
8. Seemingly Unrequited Pining
9. Hogwarts AU
10. Enemies to Friends to Lovers

With Reincarnation and Characters Swap Roles missing the top 10. Top 6 is pretty accurate! I've definitely written a lot of these myself. XD; Still want to write a more involved time loop fic sometime.

Now for some recent anime I caught up with.

Black Clover
Grew curious about this series because of episode 63, haha. So, I checked it out from the beginning. Found it pretty generic at first, with Asta's voice being very grating, but I'm starting to like the series a lot now. Magic? Magic knights? Sign me right up.

Run With the Wind (Kaze ga Tsuyoku Fuiteru)
Also caught up with this series. Such growth from all the characters! Can't help but root for them. Also, I appreciate that this is a series about college aged characters. (I may or may not have started using the treadmill again after watching this, like Prince, lol!)

The Morose Mononokean (Fukigen na Mononokean)
With season 2 airing now, I thought I'd give it a try. Also, g2n claimed that Abeno is very hot, lol! I quite like the dynamics between Abeno and Ashiya. The bickering is so amusing to watch. I'm also pretty curious about both of their backgrounds. And, Fuzzy is the cutest. The cutest! (I went ahead and read the manga after I caught up with s2, whoops. You might see a oneshot from me soon)

Other than those three, I'm still watching the Ace Attorney anime, and also started My Roommate is a Cat from this season. Right after I read the manga, an anime was announced for it, and I've been looking forward to it since! It's just as cute and touching as I hoped it would be.

What to marathon next...

Also! SEASONAL SOREN ALT. VALENTINE SOREN ALT. THIS IS NOT A DRILL. I never thought this would happen? I mean, I thought that Ike might be the person on the right in this teaser silhouette, or maybe it'd be his father Greil. But even though it wasn't Ike on the right, it was still Ike on the banner. With Soren!!! Seasonal Tellius banner with Soren, ahhhhhh. I had a bunch of orbs saved up to pull for more Legendary Ike merges from January's Legendary/Mythic banner, but I ended up spending them all on the Radiant Dawn Laguz banner, since I really wanted Reyson (who I never got from that banner, but did get later on as a 4* that I promoted right away). I figured I'd only go all in with my orbs with characters that I really liked, and Reyson was one of them. Even though there was a high chance he would be demoted, I still wanted a copy just in case. Anyway, now that he has been demoted to 4*, he's definitely a +10 project.

I also figured that there was very little chance that someone I liked would be on the next seasonal, as IS seems to keep releasing Fate seasonals, who I could do without, and I hoped that we'd get plenty of orbs for the anniversary, which we kind of didn't. So now here we are, with the seasonal I want most of all from this game, and I have no orbs left. OTL I'm sorry, I have failed you Soren. Hoping that orbs from the Tempest Trials will be enough to pull either Soren, or Ike, or both... I'll have to give up on Greil and Mist. ;__; I really wanted to collect all the Tellius seasonals (so far, I've succeeded with having 1 copy each of bridal Sanaki, Halloween Mia, Festival Elincia, and Festival Micaiah). But with a whole banner of Tellius seasonals and no orbs, this is an unlikely feat, haha. So far, my pulls have given me an Adrift Camilla (why, Camilla, you're on plenty of seasonals already. You don't need to show up here!) and a Ninian, who has been merged into my previous Ninian to remove her -atk bane. But eh, her attack is still low even with the merge, so pretty pointless.

This is when I wish Soren were a Tempest Trial unit so I could +10 him with grails, but I feel like ever since the grail system started, they're only putting units they think will be the most enticing as the Tempest Trial rewards, for more incentive to play Aether Raids, I bet. So I doubt we'll be seeing very many guys as the rewards now. Who am I supposed to spend the grails on now?? Eh, for now, I'm probably going with Naesala unless someone else I like better comes along.

I'm also still in disbelief that Soren and Ike showed up together on a Valentine seasonal banner, of all banners. XDDDD

I'll probably cosplay this outfit of Soren's too. :3

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