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Fic update, Astra Lost in Space, Black Clover

I'm about 2k in with writing this 5+1 Fukigen na Mononokean fic, which is about 2/5 of the way through, so uh... maybe another 2k will wrap this story up. The writing is so stilted though, ahhhh.

Got up to around 11k (12k? I don't even know anymore) for That Person Now Returned and am still not done OTL. When will I ever finish this story and why is it so long. I should learn to write short, sweet scenes again. What happened to my cute, succinct, 1k oneshots. They're now a thing of the past... I'll be separating this story into parts when I post, to make it easier to revise. -__-

Pfft, as I was writing this post, I went to pull on the Valentine's banner and got Soren!! (*goes to delete the whole paragraph I wrote about not getting Soren.* Just Ike left now ahhh. Gonna train this Soren up right away and feed him tons of dragonflowers~) I've been loving the cute art and fic that have come out of this banner!! ♥ Am also itching to write a fic about Soren but no plunnies have hopped over.

I randomly saw that Astra Lost in Space is getting an anime! Er, I hadn't read or even heard about the series before that news announcement, but when I saw that it's by the author of Sket Dance, I had to check it out. So, I took the plunge and signed up for the Shounen Jump app~, with it's monthly subscription of $1.99 to access older chapters for SJ series. So far, I like the app and definitely feel it's a great idea to have an official source for Shounen Jump series. But after I finish reading all the old chapters, there's probably no reason to continue the subscription if all I'm doing is following the new releases. I've already read through most of the ones I'm interested in... also hit the daily limit of 100 chapters. (Why is there a limit ;__;) We'll see... Anyway.

Astra Lost in Space
I was worried the series was axed, as it's only 5 volumes long, but it was a solid ending, and the plot was well paced. The twists and turns kept coming, and several plot points packed a heavy punch. Shinohara Kenta's story telling has really leveled up since Sket Dance! Astra Lost in Space deals with some heavy themes, yet the overall story is still optimistic with a touch of humor. I love it. :) Looking forward to the anime!

Black Clover
I hit the 100 chapter limit on the SJ app because of this, pfft, so yeah, stuck at chapter 100. The art is really nice, and some characters are less annoying in their manga incarnations. The anime kind of drags things out and overuses certain characters' quirks, but I do like how the anime fills in the blanks with certain things and also gives Yuno some more development. So far, Yuno's been pretty absent in the manga. Am looking forward to reading past where the anime is at. :3

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