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Lucathia's journey to AR Tier 21

I got to Tier 21 in Aether Raids~ \o\ (Now, I'll probably sit back and... relax more with this mode now ahaha)

So, I forgot to upgrade my Aether Amphorae to 250 capacity before the season started. Began the season with 200 aether and hoped that the extra match the 50 aether could have gotten me wouldn't matter. It probably wouldn't, since I doubted I could get to Tier 21. (One single extra match isn't going to matter, I thought. Oh, how naive I was) So, I played pretty recklessly on my first two matches and lost several units, whoops. Also got a -80 in defense right off the bat. Oh dear.

I played a bit more carefully after that, and also got some -40 in defense lift loss instead of -80. So, things were looking up~

By Saturday, after I finished playing my matches, I was at 10,280 lift, while I needed to be at 11,000 lift to reach Tier 21. I was still quite a ways off, but I decided to do some math. The most I could get from winning each match was 140 lift, with one Eir and 4 light blessed heroes. I would have 180 aether with the next reset, while the reset after would give me another 70 aether, with a total of 250 aether over the final 2 days of the season. That would net me 5 more matches, as it costs 50 aether per match. If I won every single one of those 5 matches with no units lost, I could get 700 lift max. That'd bring me to 10,980 lift at the most, a mere 20 lift away from Tier 21. At that moment, I went, omg, I think I can reach Tier 21? But no, no way, I can't lose a single unit... and somehow I need to get a final, 6th match. Can I really do that? After all, I'd been losing units left and right and also missing the aether structures.

In order to get that final match, I would need to successfully destroy the aether fountains and amphorae in each of those 5 matches, to get 10 aether back per match for a total of 50 aether over 5 matches. A highly difficult task, as I'd often skip destroying the aether structures to guarantee survival of my team instead. If I got the 6th match, I could get 140 lift max from it, bringing me to 11,120 lift at the maximum. There were still two more times I could lose in defense, with a total of -160 lift possible. So, I would not be able to remain in Tier 21 if I got double -80 defense losses.

So my winning conditions were:
*Win all 5 matches with no units lost
*Destroy both aether structures in all matches to regain 50 aether for a 6th match
*Win the 6th match with no units lost (no aether structures needed anymore)
*Get no more than -120 in defense lift loss over two matches, meaning my defense team had to kill at least two units.

Man oh man, if only I hadn't played recklessly on that first day, or if I had upgraded my Aether Amphorae before the season started! At least I still had my 2 escape ladders left, so I could use them if my team died too badly or if I didn't manage to get the aether structures.

Still, I thought, dang, this is near impossible. Should I even try? Even if my offense was flawless, I'd have to hope for defense to pull its weight too. So, I told my brother, "I think I'll wait and see how defense turns out first before even trying."

The next day, I opened the app and what do you know. A successful defense stared back at me, a -0 match. :O


It was now very possible to reach Tier 21. On the final day, Monday, I could still get a -80, but with 120 leeway, that meant I had 40 lift left to spare. I could lose up to 2 units over 6 matches and still have just enough lift to remain in Tier 21. It was a go!

Challenge time!

Match 1 vs Reyson, Veronica, Reinhardt, Fjorm, Tharja, and Aversa on lava map.

I must have studied this for half an hour before I went in. Soren and Eir did a lot of work, with Soren attacking left and Eir attacking right.
Success with both aether structures.

Match 2 vs baby Azura, Nino, Shanna, Myrrh, Sophia, and Mae on lava map.

Ugh, first thing I noticed was how out of reach the aether structures were! Also, at one point, I thought I might lose a unit or two, but surprisingly, everyone survived, and I left Myrrh alive so I could go for the aether structures. But I only managed one aether structure, which would not do!! So, I surrendered in the end and used my escape ladder. 1 escape ladder left. (Such a good investment, ahaha) The opponent probably wonders why I was so foolish to lose the entire match just for the aether structures, ahaha, but man, at this point, the aether structures are more crucial than not losing.

Match 2.5 vs Halloween Myrrh, Legendary Azura, Eir, Christmas Fae, Legendary Tiki, a 6th unit I don't remember ahaha, on the map with the trees

Fjorm was amazing on this map. o/
Success with both aether structures. (Left Fae alive so I could get them first)

Match 3 vs Legendary Azura, Duma, Eir, Veronica, Aversa, Surtr on lava map

I used Eir on the left to bait Veronica down out of reach of Azura, and that started the match off~, while Fjorm was sent to the right and tanked a bunch of other units. Surtr was the last left.
Got both aether structures then dealt with him using Festival Micaiah.

Match 4 vs Legendary Azura, Brave Lyn, Aversa, Reinhardt, Nino, and Duma on abandoned castle map

Nino was rocking a raven tome and greentombreaker, so neither Soren nor Eir could take her out. Dilemma. In the end, I thought to ferry Festival Micaiah over to deal with her, but the tactics room did me in, and I almost ran out of turns. Luckily, my team mostly survived, with only one unit lost. I could at most lose 1 more unit after this.
Got both aether structures!

At this point, I needed to wait for the reset to be able to play my next match.

At the reset, I pulled on the Anniversary Find and Vote banner. I did not want Legendary Lyn at all, especially since she was the only one I already had out of the four, while I really wanted Legendary Azura, as she really changes things up. But, since my defense team is based on infantry pulse, I told my brother that I probably wouldn't be able to fit her on the team anyway. It was more likely that I'd end up with another Lyn with my luck.

But what do you know, I got Azura. :D Lucky!

And then, back to the challenge!

Match 5 vs Aversa, Ophelia, Reinhardt, Tana, Legendary Hector, Performing Arts Azura on lava map
I studied this one for a long time, thinking I might take out Hector first with Micaiah, or go for Tana with Soren. I ended up taking out Tana first. I had very little room to maneuver after that though, with Ophelia and her charged up AOE, Reinhardt, and even Hector with boots all waiting to come crush the team. So, I figured I needed to go on the offense instead of running away. I might lose a unit, but the rest of the team might be able to pull through. I could at most lose 1 more unit, after all. So, I had Eir reposition my poor gravitied Soren in to take out Reinhardt, taking enough damage from the match to activate both Micaiah and Olivia's wings of mercy skills. Micaiah flew in to take out Hector, Olivia flew to where Hector had been, danced Soren, and Soren took out Ophelia. Phew. Leaving Aversa and Azura. Next turn, Soren died to Azura, but I was able to get the aether structures. Fjorm tanked Aversa in the end. Win!

I did it! I gained exactly 50 aether for that final match! At this point, I was at 10,940 points, 60 points away from Tier 21. But, I needed to have a perfect win for 140 lift, so that I'd be at 11,080, leaving enough leeway for a -80 defense lift loss.

Match 6 vs Aversa, Veronica, Ninian, Tibarn (with galeforce), Reinhardt, and Olivia on Spring Breeze
The finaaal match! I didn't need the aether structures this time, so that made things much easier, especially since the ones on this map were all the way in the back. I had Soren bait Reinhardt, with Nowi on the left to protect him in case Tibarn broke the wall and came down to attack. Everyone else was safely in the back or behind a pole. It worked out pretty nicely and was a clean win!

Success!!!!! Tier 21, with 11,080 points, 80 left for defense lift loss, absolutely no aether left.

I can finally place my thrones on my defense map! XD

These were some of the most intense matches I've played in FEH. :'D It sure took a ton of concentration, not something I can do every day, or that I'd want to do every single day. It could have been easier if I played a bit less recklessly in the beginning of the week, if I had upgraded my Aether Amphorae and had that extra match, or if I had a second Eir for a total of 160 lift possible per match. But eh, even without full concentration in the beginning of the week, it was possible to reach Tier 21 this week, thanks to some luck in defense, my dependable escape ladder, and probably the most focus I've ever used in AR in those final 6 matches. Oh, and also thanks to math, lol!

I was showing pic after pic to my brother of my turn to turn plays, haha. AR has really gotten us invested in the challenge and is probably what we currently talk about the most from the game. I don't know where the game will go on from here, but for now, I still seem to be able to keep up with it as an F2P player, despite the powercreep. (Just... a whole lot of time commitment) I'm in both Arena Tier 21 and Aether Raids Tier 21 this week. (But I'm wary of what IS will throw at us next!)

I don't know if I got a -80 or not in the end while I was at work, but I did end up in the 4000's as my final rank instead of in the 2000's, so I'm sure there was a defense loss at one point (just don't know how many points). But my calculations were right, and my foot into Tier 21 was very stable, haha.

Long live math!

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