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Dragalia Lost

Got back into Dragalia Lost last month when they dropped that surprise announcement about a crossover with Fire Emblem Heroes, and I'm loving it! It's especially great that there are a bunch of cool female and male adventurers who are equally strong and not lopsided in favor of the girls like in FEH. So far, much hype with all the quality updates, though I'll have to see if I can balance playing two phone games at once. XD; At least FEH isn't taking up as much time anymore now that I've gotten to Tier 21 in Aether Raids. Maintaining the tier is pretty chill.

I couldn't quite get into DL when it first released around 6 months ago (the maps felt tedious and I was lost and without any good units), but last month introduced auto and 2x speed for much easier grinding, and I also rolled some cool adventurers. Though I didn't get the free 5* as a new player, since I continued with my old account that had nothing in it.. By the time I learned that I'd get a free 5* as a new player, I'd already rolled and got Curran and some 5* dragons I wanted to keep. So yeah, dragons. *___*

Went with Rykatu as my nickname in this, since we're actually naming Prince Eugene, who can make pacts with dragons. Rykatu fits better. XD;

Anyway, the FEH crossover event is so good. I'm excited for future crossovers now. The story events so far have reminded me why I love crossovers in fiction, and now to see it in a game, with the characters in all new situations? Really cool feeling. (I also found out that Granblue Fantasy, also by Cygames, had a crossover with Detective Conan?? I would've gotten into GBF for that haha!)

Some stuff I'm enjoying a ton about this FEH crossover:
*the crossover music (A Fire Emblem rap on the main menu, omg), title screen has the same music as FEH's title screen, there's a different soundtrack when we turn into dragons, amazing music in the story scenes, etc etc.
*In the boss trial, Alfonse uses moves like Growing Light and Rising Light, just like the 5 turn AOE specials in FEH, and they show up like patterned boxes to imitate the grids in FEH. Love this touch!
*The difficulties are named after FEH difficulties too, like lunatic and infernal.
*Story event gives Alfonse, Fjorm, Marth, Veronica, and Loki all great characterization.

The Alfonse boss fight was insane. One hit by him, and everyone's dead. I joined a co-op room for this battle using Heinwald. Host was a Curran player. We kept at it failure after failure until we finally triumphed. \o\ Was a great feeling to join a room that didn't give up after the failures. Loved working together to learn the battle.

My current teams so far!

My light team is probably my strongest currently, with Albert and Alfonse leading them. Luca (the green-haired bunny guy) was the first adventurer I trained, given his name. XD; Vixel, the healer, is certainly no Hildegard, but if possible, I want to run mostly guys on my teams, now that I have that option, unlike some other games. :') I don't have very good wrymprints yet, so everyone just has random prints. Not too sure where to start on that front.

My wind team is not too bad with Gala Ranzal leading the pack. I trained up Lowen since I heard he's a pretty good healer. The other two are just filler for now... Cute to have Lowen and his sister Louise on the same team though. Louise is also somehow the only 5* girl I've pulled. (Game knows I'm trying to make all guy teams lol)

I built up this water team for the Hunt for Harmony water facility event. They helped me clear the event~. Even though there are no 5* on this team, they're pretty strong. :) But will still possibly be replaced if I pull a 5* water adventurer. I wanted Xander, but he didn't show up.

My dark team is all about Curran and Heinwald! When I was debating the dream summon, I was thinking, "I'd love to get it for Heinwald, especially since he'd go along so nicely with Curran, but he's not a choice as a dream summon..." but then I pulled him soon after that. Thank you game, for reading my mind. Curran was the first 5* I pulled, so he's currently set as my helper unit, though I ended up training Albert more than him. The other two dark adventurers are fillers for now...

My fire team is such an afterthought LOL. I haven't gotten around to training Mikoto yet, and I've only just gotten Marth (so happy I pulled him). All my resources are currently going into training Alfonse up, so Marth will have to wait... I also pulled Naveed just yesterday (hoping for Veronica or Fjorm but that didn't happen) but since I have Marth as a fire sword, I don't know if I should train Naveed up too or not. I mean, I'll probably train Eugene too (another fire sword) given that he's the main character.

All my current five stars! I have no water 5* haha. Also only one girl.

My current 5* dragons~

I managed to get some 4* dragons MUB too thanks to the summoning pool change. Some of them are currently stronger than my 5* 0UB dragons.

Still, Nidhogg currently sports my favorite design out of all the dragons I have.

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