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new layout thanks to ulqui! + 2006 in fic

I have a beautiful new layout all thanks to _hilde featuring fishbones and Namiki!! I'm really loving it and have been crazily adding links to my sidebar and renaming and reorganizing my tags.

Go take a look! --> lucathia_rykatu

And here's 2006 in fic for me. I wrote here and there...mostly for challenges. I wrote less than what I hoped to write.



Shaman King - Hanabi (Yoh/Anna) - [2094 words.]
     2nd in a series of 3 oneshots. And I still haven't written the third one yet. I a year? ^^

Shaman King - First Meeting (Macchi) [841 words.]
     A very random fic out of almost nowhere. More like a drabble, I guess. HgHd universe.

Harry Potter - All Those Years (Sirius, Remus) [5395 words.]
      My longest oneshot ever. for remus_reads.

Hikaru no Go - Unfinished Game (Akari) [3777 words]
     This was me pretending that I actually understood igo. for blind_go round 1.

Hikaru no Go - sai/go ~ end [893 words]
     I just liked the title...for blind_go round 1.

Hikaru no Go - not yet revealed fic for blind_go round 2. =P

Prince of Tennis - Christmas at Rikkai Dai [2791 words]
     This was me trying not to focus on any one POV character for too long...causing the writing to be very messy. I didn't succeed. pinchhit for yaoi_challenge.

Phoenix Wright - Enemy Territory [1720 words]
     I've just finished the game last month and really wanted more PW, so I jumped at the chance to write it! Phoenix and Edgeworth as kids...who can resist? I liked the outcome. pinchhit for yuletide.

Eyeshield 21 - Worse than the Rumors [1499 words]
     Um, this was me running out of time. Real pinch here! I took on way more than I could handle. pinchhit for yuletide.


Mekakushi no Kuni for 30_kisses. Namiki x Kaichou. My favorite fic of the year that I wrote, though since it's a pretty obscure fandom, not many people have read this. My favorite part so far is chapter 6. a lot more chapters left for me to write in this fic though....since there'll be 30 in all. 0_0;; I'm not even near halfway done!
Memories of the Future chapter 1 [1378 words]
Memories of the Future chapter 2 [999 words]
Memories of the Future chapter 3 [1516 words]
Memories of the Future chapter 4 [1155 words]
Memories of the Future chapter 5 [1169 words]
Memories of the Future chapter 6 [2212 words]

Shaman King
Twin Stars chapter 8 [1728 words]
Twin Stars chapter 9  [1249 words]
I started this fic in 2004. It's 2007 now...and still I only have 9 parts of this fic out...? I'm not too pleased with this fic because it's pretty pointless.


14 Father-related drabbles - the only drabbles I've written last year! Amazing! Though since I wrote 14 of them all at one time, I guess that makes up for it? Includes Dan Doh, Dear Boys, D. Grayman, FMA, Gakuen Alice, Hikaru no Go, Honey and Clover, Hunter x Hunter, Magic Kaitou, Negima, Shaman King, Tenipuri, Wild Striker, and Yu Yu Hakusho.

Harry Potter x Enchanted Forest 664 words. Written for my 'Magic and Fantasy in Young Adult Literature' course. Just something with no plot whatsoever.


A lot of the fics I've written in 2006 were for challenges. I barely wrote any drabbles this year...and have been slacking off on updating my longfics. I've started...straying into oneshots...? My chapters have been getting longer though, which is good. My chapters were a bit too short before. I haven't even touched a few of some of my chaptered fics though...which is sad. This means they haven't been updated in over a year!!

Must start writing for fic_off. *looks hopefully at her neglected HnG/PoT fic* It shall be revived!!!
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