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Year in fic

Happy New Years everyone! Thank you for your card, revenus. I got it a few days ago. I love the drawing (so adorable!!). Thank you!

My sad year in fic below.


A Break From Solitude (Hikaru no Go, oneshot, ~900 words) - for blind_go round 2. An extremely short crossover about a minor character.

Memories of the Future chapter 7 (Mekakushi no Kuni, multichap, ~1400 words) - for 30_kisses. I will be forever slaving away at this fic, always in danger of getting dropped, and still never finish it!! ;__;


4-6-4-9 (Detective Conan, oneshot) - terrible fic with a mystery that's not fleshed out at all. Sort of ran out of time for this. Tried to play around with words but I'm not too sure how much I succeeded. I haven't crossposted this to my LJ since I've been trying to edit it.

My Omusubi (Prince of Tennis, oneshot, ~600 words) - for pontapairworks. I was way behind on tenipuri and had to catch up with it to write this. Since I spent all my time catching up, I ran out of time to write. One of my few fics written in present tense.


The Old Haircut Days (Harry Potter, oneshot, short) - some random fic about Molly giving Remus a haircut. for remus_reads. Not crossposted. Again, rushed.

Memories of the Future chapter 8


All it Takes is an Earthquake (Phoenix Wright, oneshot, ~1000 words) - for yaoi_challenge. Gumshoe/Edgeworth friendship. Yet another fic in present tense. I finished this one really quickly.

Lunch Wars (Phoenix Wright, oneshot, ~1600 words) - for yaoi_challenge. More Nick and Edgey as children. I named it Lunch Loyalties before...but when I reposted it I accidentally labeled it as Lunch Wars. Oh well. Not much new about this fic.


Beside Myself (Hikaru no Go, ~5000 words) - co-written with aethrin for blind_go. It's an AU where Hikaru gets into an accident. We had plans for much more...but didn't get very far with the writing.

Memories of the Future chapter 9


Memories of the Future chapter 10

Wow, I barely wrote anything this year, and I've only written what I did because of deadlines. has grown lazy And woah, what's with the gap from May to December...? I *did* start a lot of fics in the interval...but I never got very far with them. Like my blind_go fic that I never finished for the latest round. *sigh*

I hope to at least finish my works-in-progress this year!
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